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SGT Rock
2005-06-23, 08:43
www.findgarrett.org (http://www.findgarrett.org/)

A member Altro posted this and I thought it was important enough to bring it to the top:

Hi all.

I just returned from Utah and the succesful search for the lost boy Brennan Hawkins. I'm sure many of you have seen something about him in the news the past few days, I understand the media coverage was pretty good. His mother's family are long time friends of ours, and it was a wonderful ending to a story that could easily have turned out much differently.

I wanted to post here about the man that headed up the volunteer rescue operation, Kevin Bardsley. His son Garrett was lost in the Uintas last year and has never been found. Kevin has since involved himself with SAR operations in that area and was there almost constantly for this one. His daughter even postponed her wedding and helped search with him last weekend. I never talked to him personally, though he did address many of us volunteers as a group. I learned of his hard work through Brennan's family.

The reason I am telling you all of this is that he really needs financing for his organization. He does have a trailer that he uses as a command center, but it doesn't have much of the equipment necessary to conduct operations like the one I just saw. Communication and information systems are something that they could really benefit from. If any of you donate to outdoor or volunteer organizations, please consider donating to this one.

I understand that Kevin will also be mounting a search in early August in an effort to recover his missing son. Any of you that might enjoy a few days in the high country and would like to volunteer to help would be greatly appreciated I'm sure.

Their website is: www.findgarrett.org (http://www.findgarrett.org/)

They have not asked for donations or help. I just saw what a great effort these people were putting out for my friends' family and I know that they need the same help for their son and others.

Thank you all