View Full Version : Speer Segmented Pad Extender

2005-06-27, 12:01
Does anyone here have any experience with this bit of gear? Looks like it might be a useful and practical piece of kit.



SGT Rock
2005-06-27, 12:19
I looked at one this year at Trail Days - it looks like a good idea. I made something similar a while back by attaching pads with string, the pad extender functions more efficiently than my system did.

2005-06-27, 17:38
The concept of having a separate "sack" to stuff pads into could be taken another step further. Why not have a modular sleeping bag system that has a double-walled sack? The sack could then have pads inserted into bottom pockets and a quilt into the top side. The modular setup would allow the parts to be used individually (like the no snivelling quilt), and not just during the night. It would also allow the sleeping bag to be customized according to the seasons.

The bottom inserts could be constructed like the wing pad, with two individual layers, overlapping only where necessary.

Layering could be used for the upper inserts too. A thin quilt for summer nights, a thicker quilt for spring or autumn and a combination of the two for winter (or at least early spring / late autumn).

There you go. Yet another strange idea from the blackdog labs.

Just Jeff
2005-06-27, 23:00
Good idea. Big Agnes has something similar, though your idea might be even more versatile if you can include wing pads.


2005-06-29, 15:03
The oversack concept seems logical on first glance. But it seems to add unnecessary complexity. There's yet another zipper and the lofty stuff can't be taken out of its shell fabric so you have to wash them both together.

What I was thinking of was a bag-o-pockets. Just an intelligent shell that can be stuffed with a pad or two (in pockets) and a quilt or two (in another pocket). I'm still trying to figure out a clever way to achieve the BA-with-wingpad that you can find here in the wings in pocket (http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1245) thread, but b-o-p is the most promising line of thought so far.

A simple b-o-p solution could be had in minutes but the wingpad is harder to integrate. The benefits for hammockers is worth the extra thinking, imho.