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2005-06-27, 14:15
that is if there is ANY interest...LOL.

Working on adding the pot cozy to the catalog at a price of $8.00. I currently have 3 or 4 of these made. The cozy also doubles as a stuff sack for your "kitchen".

SGT Rock and sons seem to love theirs. Please leave feedback.

Here is the pot cozy pic...

bird dog
2005-06-27, 23:02
Dixie, I would be interested in purchasing one. What size pot would work with it? Just curious if I would need to buy one to fit (my wife would probably leave me) or if it would fit one of the pots I already have. Bird Dog

2005-06-28, 01:18
If I remember correctly it works with up to a 5" diameter pot.

bird dog
2005-06-28, 02:38
I will have to check my pots, but I believe my wife is in luck (depending on how she looks at it). Besides, Ive gotten fond of her after all of these years!

2005-06-28, 08:11
That looks interesting. What is the weight?


SGT Rock
2005-06-28, 10:12
27 grams if I remember correctly

2005-06-28, 11:01
Ok I am more awake today...LOL. Here's some more details.

I have 3 cozies that will fit up to a 5" diameter pot and they weigh 25 grams.

I have 1 cozy that will fit up to a 6" diamter pot and it weighs 30 grams.

I currently have two different patterns (they end up looking like the picture above) to make the two sizes. The only color option I will offer right now is blue, however I am considering (depending on the demand) adding more color options.

These cozies are a combined effort of SGT Rock and myself in the design (basically he showed me what he wanted...LOL). Haven't come up with a name for them yet... any suggestions?

Hog On Ice
2005-06-28, 11:06
The DixiCozy obviously ;-)

2005-06-28, 19:21
Just might have to go with that HOI.