View Full Version : JRB and Hennessey Undercover

2005-06-28, 06:47
Has anyone tried the JRB underquilt with the Hennessy Undercover? The reason I ask is that the Undercover comes in brown to match my hammock.


SGT Rock
2005-06-28, 07:24
I have not, but when I did use the Hennessy undercover with the pads that are made for it, there was condensation. I would imagine that combining that with a down quilt is a bad idea.

Just Jeff
2005-06-28, 09:25
As Rock said, the HH undercover is not breathable so condensation can be an issue.

JRB makes the weathershield, which is waterproof and windproof, yet still breathable so you'll avoid major condensation issues. It's a tan color...not as dark as my UL Backpacker, but not the green of the JRB undercover, either.

If you're concerned about stealth, you could always hang the JRB with the black side out. If you're concerned about matching colors, I guess you might just deal with the condensation if it's that important to you. Unless you could find a matching color in a breathable fabric and make your own.

2005-06-29, 00:14
Thanks Sarge and Jeff. I will probably go with the JRB undercover. Didn't know about the condensation problem.