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SGT Rock
2003-01-15, 20:51
Water - A generaly colorless, odorless liquid. It sometimes comes in the form of steam when heated (see fire) or solid when frozen into ice.

Water is essential for hikers because they tend to drink a lot of it when not in a town. It is also normally added to most hiker foods because they have had the water actually removed through a process known as drying.

Water in the back country may have critters living in it which scientists term as very, very small. So small you could not possibly see them. But sometimes these critters make a hiker sick. To avoid this, hikers often cary chemicals, filters, or boil water to kill off or remove those bad critters.

Lone Wolf
2003-01-15, 21:07
We wolves don't filter nada. We're immune and in tune!

2003-01-15, 22:59
I don't think he was talking about the ol' sprring woughter.