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Jim Henderson
2005-07-07, 14:20
This website has a lot of interesting ideas for those who like to do things themselves in the woods or on the trail.


It appears to be a survivalist website and I won't go into the politics of that but there is a lot of information on "how to" this and that and things like preserving food, making improvised equipment, water preservation etc.

Far too much for me to have read thru and comment on, but this site shows some promise as far as topics of use to people who like to wander thru the woods and such.

Jim Henderson

2005-07-08, 07:07
Solar cookers are fun. :) The Solar Cooking Archive (http://solarcooking.org/) has additional ways of cooking with the sun. Some of the recipes (http://solarcooking.org/recipes/) there could be of some interest to you too.

While looking for something completely different, I stumbled on a list of 82 Frugal Camping Tips (http://www.littlecountryvillage.com/camping-tips.shtml). Maybe we should start our own collection?