View Full Version : anyone ever use the Stratus Trailstove?

2005-07-09, 11:48
I have been thinking of using a Zzip stove for my 2009 planned AT hike. I really didn't like the idea of using batteries to run it though. This seems like a cool alternative. I have read a few reviews, but really trust you guys & gals judgement on stuff. Any and all replies are much appreciated!

bearbag hanger
2005-07-09, 16:29
I got one, works pretty good. It's cheap and is fairly easy to light. My biggest problem with it is the same one I have with the Zip stove, too much creosote on the pot. Unlike the Zip stove, there doesn't seem to be much creosote build up on the stove itself, just on the bottom of the pot. If it weren't for that, I'd be carrying it now.

2005-07-12, 22:45
Creosote has never been much an issue for me, my snowpeak ti 600 cup is way creosoted up from some of my test...

Hah! now, I wish I hadn't searched for that site... their "kit" looks way much like an idea I have for a homemade (out of a soup can - I gotta figure out which soup can I saw that is a little odd shaped...) wood chimney / gasifier stove that will accept a trangia burner... BUT my idea IS significantly different, so no-one accuse me of copying them when I get around to building mine... ;)

Anyhow, the stratus looks like an upgraded hobo / paint can stove using the idea of those charcoal starters. Every homemade one I've ever used works great.

2005-07-24, 01:05
I used 2 cans to make a Garlington-like W/G stove. I made it so the Trangia fits inside and is supported by 3 steel rivets. This little double-wall stove weighs about 6 oz and will burn for about 30 minutes using a small amount of 2 " long, pencil diameter sticks. The wood is fired from the top down to create the wood/gas. On days when the wood is all wet or I am in a hurry, I crank up the Trangia. Try Garlington's site for ideas. Works better than a Zip-like stove that I made.