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2005-07-11, 08:50
The Gearskin is a wonderful thing, but it's not for all needs. I wanted a mini gearskin that would be allowed as carry-on bag on airplanes. With some research on maximum sizes and such I got to work. I'm not ready with the second prototype yet (the first one was a scary frankenstein of pieces that sucked bigtime). The only missing parts now are the shoulder and sternum straps. The sewing is pretty straightforward, but I'll publish better instructions once the project results in something unannoying.

For now you have to make do with these images. Click to see a larger version.

http://www.parnanen.net/download/media/visual/image/misc/daySkinPhotoButton.jpg (http://www.parnanen.net/download/media/visual/image/misc/daySkinPhoto.jpg)http://www.parnanen.net/download/media/visual/image/misc/daySkinDrawingButton.jpg (http://www.parnanen.net/download/media/visual/image/misc/daySkinDrawing.jpg) Each square on the sketch is 5x5cm.

The sketch hints how I'm going to attach the shoulder straps. The two triangular parts in the middle are the lower points and the wider upper parts of the straps will be sewn to a 40mm webbing at the very top of the daySkin. As the daySkin is made for FAA-legal weight (5-8kg) there's no real need for a hip belt.

The big rectangle seen in the sketch is a packSheet making the design a hybrid between a squawPack and a gearSkin. The packSheet is a multi-use item too (under development so more about it later).

(And yes, the Mrs wanted me to have an embroidered blackdog logo on it too.)

SGT Rock
2005-07-11, 12:46
Nice idea. The Gearskin I have won't make a good daypack.

Hog On Ice
2005-07-11, 12:53
When using a Gearskin as a daypack I try to put everything in a jacket or something similar to make a sort of a sack to keep the stuff together so it does not fall out too easy - then I tighten down the straps all the way typically. It works OK but not as good as a regular daypack.

2005-07-12, 23:48
wow, that looks pretty sweet... man, I need to get around to getting a sewing machine...

2005-07-14, 14:26
wow, that looks pretty sweet... man, I need to get around to getting a sewing machine...
I'll second that. I'm currently working on a 2-person tarptent, and I got 1.5 oz untreated nylon in the Wal-Mart remnants bin for $1 per yard. It was white, and I bought all they had left--13 yards.

After I bould webbing, grommets, buckles etc., I had enough to make a tent and a UL pack both for less than 50 bucks. Sweet!

Edit: I forgot to add that silicone treating the bare nylon requires a 1:3 solution of clear silicone and mineral spirits or coleman fuel. Brush it on; it dries very thin. You want to dye it before all that, however. :)

2005-07-31, 13:20
Completed the second development version. The combination of daySkin, packSheet and stuffSacks works quite well both for my daily use and when tested with the "varig" carry-on load (including laptop). The carrying harness needs a better sternum strap (probably tomorrow). Already started thinking about v0.3 but more about that later. Pictures will also have to come later (a friend needed my camera for a couple of days).

Patience is a virtue, or so I've heard.

2005-08-04, 12:00
Now there's images (ftp://ching.parnanen.net/pub/life/body/hiking/) of the daySkin. I tried it without the sternum strap and it felt good so i'm leaving the strap at home. Feel free to comment.

NOTE The daySkin is a simpler and smaller version of MoonbowGear's GearSkin and is designed to be used as a carry-on bag on a journey to South America. The chosen airline has a carry-on weight limit of only 5 kilos and the design is optimized for that weight and my body. Keep this in mind when studying the images.

2005-08-04, 12:13
That looks nice.


2005-08-04, 13:50
That looks nice.


Yeah, that looks really nice... :adore:

Just Jeff
2005-08-04, 16:31
Wow...that's impressive.