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Ed G
2005-07-14, 13:16
to use a cord to support the rain fly in rain storms?

I finally got to try out my new Tom Claytor "Jungle Hammock" (mosquitohammock.com). Luckily it rained pretty hard that night (Orlando, Fl area). I loved it. Comfortable and dry.

I used two nylon straps with adjustable buckles to tie the rain fly to two trees. Worked great and set up was done really quickly compared to tying up a rope. Practically no sag in the middle.

Is a rope placed between trees really neccessary to support the fly during a rain storm?

Reason I ask is... I read all the time about how folks are setting up for rain and a "support rope" between trees is always mentioned.

I have both a diamond shape and rectangular fly for the hammock.

been a while since I last posted here - I couldn't even recall my last user name!

Thanks in advance...

Ed G
Clermont, Fl

2005-07-14, 14:41
A support rope is not necessary if your tie out tabs are in the right place. Personally I prefer the seam of the tarp to be the ridgeline when rigged.