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2005-07-15, 01:30
I was just reminded of this by a thread talking about camping in the rain, started me thinking about tents and water....

I have a cousin who is a diver, and once apon a time his immediate family and mine were camping together on a lake.
His brother suggested that a bunch of us go out and paddle around the lake in the light of the moon. So most the women and a few of the men (myself included - labor) got into the 3 canoes and started paddling toward the middle. About this time Daniel (the brother - in another canoe) started talking about hearing big splashes out here at night.
I said "It was probably just fish rising", but he said "I don't know, they were awfully big splashes...I wonder if there might be something else out here?"
We went a short distance further and he suggested that all the canoes stop and listen, that maybe we would hear the splashes and/or see something that might explain what was making them.
So we stopped and were straining our sight and hearing looking for anything that splashed, when suddenly something huge rose up out of the water directly in front of us!!
There was an instant of mass panic, women screaming, canoes overturning, and Daniel laughing joyfully.

His brother had earlier swum out, tied down an old tent and filled it with air. He and Daniel had been planning this for days.
And later the next day when we let them come back into camp we admitted it had been slightly funny.