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2005-07-21, 11:10
YNP Trip and Hammock?
Posted: Jul 21, 2005 9:57 AM Reply


I will be headed to YNP in mid August. I have been using a Hennessy A-Sym, including their underpad thing to add warmth, along with a Kelty 25 degree lightyear bag.

Question: will this system be warm enough for Yellowstone this time of year? I`m a bit nervous having only used my hammock in warmer, lower elevations. I will bring along some warmer clothes I could wear to bed if needed.



SGT Rock
2005-07-21, 12:25
I haven' hiked YNP, but I have used a hammock and my pad down to about 35 and been very comfortable. I have't tried the HH system to that low yet though.

2005-07-21, 19:53
I'm from Montana and a bit north of the park. It's normally pretty warm here during August (in the 80's to 90's).
Just pulled up a weather service site in another tab and it says the average temp in West Yellowstone during August is 87F with a low at night of 51F.
I would be more worried about being too warm.

P.S. I would still bring along some sweats, just in case - I carry a set with me year round. (my camp clothes, for after my sponge bath or dip in the stream/etc., keeps me warm, but not hot, and keeps off the mosquitos too.)

2005-07-22, 19:17
C'mon, the poor mosquitos have to eat, too! :biggrin: