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2003-01-08, 01:44
We need a Dog on the trail forum...

a Cell Phones on the trail forum......

And my favoite forum to read....Birdtoes.

2003-01-08, 16:28
We also need a WF Forum
TP= toilet paper
TP= Trailplace?
Coincidence? You be the judge!


2003-01-08, 17:30
Just trying to think of Forums we had at Whiteblaze and might find useful here:

Shelters and Campsites
split up by state or region

Points of Interest, National Parks, etc.

Trail Issues and Concerns
development near the trail, giving back, trail maintenance, etc.

The Hygiene forum perviously included health and safety too - for issues like Lyme disease, hitching safely, etc.

I like the new Section Hiking forum. Maybe we should split it up by state or region. Good place to post parking info.

This place is off to a great start.

2003-01-08, 18:22
I think health should be its own forum. For a thru-hiker, nothing is more important, IMHO.

gravity man

2003-01-08, 19:01
There was also a forum for buying and selling of used gear.

If Slabfoot is on this site yet: pm me again about the guitar. Thanks.

2003-01-08, 20:57
Somebody mentioned this somewhere else. I second the motion.

2003-01-08, 21:10
I'm sure the Sarge will be able to add some of these when he gets back. He did tell me that the photos section might have to wait for the new server, just so ya'll know. This place on the web is temporary, until he and attroll can hash out the domain name and server place.

Otherwise, keep up the suggesting, I know he'll be happy to see it. :D

Team GAK
2003-01-09, 08:41
It would have been really useful to have a list of good tent camp sites along the trail, where tenting is permitted. We liked to tent away from the shelters to avoid the noise and mice. I know there's a stelth list for the Whites, but I don't have a copy of it.

2003-01-09, 12:33
That would be cool "a great spots to throw your tent " One I love is the little field on Springer behind the register rock it is really cool.


Bandana Man
2003-01-09, 13:32
This is a great idea for a forum. Maybe the forum could be subdivided into sections with the shelters indicating the beginning and end of each section. For example, Springer Mtn shelter to Stover Creek shelter would be the first section, Stover Creek shelter to Hawk Mtn shelter would be the next section, and so on. I even volunteer to help set up these forums if Sarge and Troll want this on the site.

SGT Rock
2003-01-09, 13:58
I would like to see something like that. My biggest beef with most trail guides are they read like town and shelter tour books. I've found some wonderfull sites not mentioned, places like abandond roads that go nowhere but are near the trail that have flat spots and good water. But go over to www.whiteblaze.net and do it. I can set up something here, but I don't think as many people would see it.