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2003-01-16, 00:04
Shelters are place where most hiker flock around at night, especially at the beginning of their hike when they are still "hickers."* These accomedations are places of social interaction, cooking, and sleeping.

The accomedations for the evenings rest include three walls, a roof, a sleeping platform of some kind, and mice. Occasionally you will find your living space occupied by raccoons, skunks and snakes for a few brief but confusing momemets.

*(Refer to Section H for definition of "hicker")

2003-01-16, 08:34
speaking of shelters and skunks. in 2000 i found myself spending the night alone at pine field hut (in SNP), or so i thought. at midnight, i was awakened by some rustling noise in the shelter. turned on my headlamp to check it out. there, on the opposite side was a skunk, building a nest of leaves and twigs. she looked at me, then continued what she was doing. obviously she didn't feel any threat from me and i knew a skunk was no problem to me (unless i try to catch her by the tail).

how do i know it was a she, you ask? well, read on.

i watched her for awhile, then drifted back off to sleep. a few hours later, i awakened again. i still heard a noise, so i decided to use my light to check on the skunk again. she was still there in the corner of the shelter, but this time she had her 4, just born, babies with her. i was soo proud! to end the story, in the morning when i awoke, she and her babies were gone and i was in the best mood of my entire hike.