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2005-07-27, 12:38
I recently bought a Brazilian style hammock for $20 at Bass pro shops. I dont have tree huggers or enough webbing to hang the hammock... has anyone used paracord to tie their hammock up?

The hammock has rings on either end, what knots should I use?

SGT Rock
2005-07-27, 13:49
I reccomend you try to find a webbing system sometime, but you can make do. Para-cord can dig into the bark and hurt trees. You can take some sticks and buffer the tree bark from the cord - something Youngblood showed me.

As to the knots, well try two hitches with a quick release that passes through the ring from the tree.

2005-07-27, 14:20
Nylon rope or webbing can be a problem because of the stretch characteristics of nylon (sometimes the stretch is enough so that you end up on the ground when you get in your hammock). I would suggest either polyester or polypropylene webbing (Speer Hammocks is a good source for webbing). If you are impatient and want to use something easier to find, try hollow braid polypropylene rope, it is the most 'tree friendly' rope. 3/8" diameter should be strong enough and can be easily found in most department stores or hardware stores in 50 feet or 100 feet packages. I suggest about 12 foot pieces on each end of the hammock, using a slippery bowline to tie off to the trees and maybe two or three loops around the metal rings secured with three half hitches (this rope is a little springy, so the third half hitch is used to keep the first two in place).

2005-07-27, 14:29
After writing the previous post, I think I would just use a bowline on the ring also. This rope is slippery and a bowline works well with it, not sure if the three half hitches would hold on a slippery metal ring.

2005-07-28, 00:24
An anchor bend (http://www.folsoms.net/knots/animations/fifgif.cgi?gifname='aniab.gif'&title=Anchor%20(or%20Fisherman's)%20Bend) should work well on the metal ring. It's kind of a self tightening knot.

2005-07-28, 10:38
An anchor bend (http://www.folsoms.net/knots/animations/fifgif.cgi?gifname='aniab.gif'&title=Anchor%20(or%20Fisherman's)%20Bend) should work well on the metal ring. It's kind of a self tightening knot.I like that, it should work fine. It wouldn't hurt to add an extra half hitch on the end with springy rope.

2005-07-28, 20:59
The ring isn't metal its braided plastic... Thanks for the help, I found some rope that doesn't stretch and holds fine