View Full Version : What the heck......

2003-01-16, 01:07
...is that under Dixie's name?

SGT Rock
2003-01-16, 06:58
A puppy. Damn ugly ain't it.

Lone Wolf
2003-01-16, 07:16
It looks like the gopher from Caddy Shack.

2003-01-16, 11:08
Ok you guys, its a temp one, looking for something else..lol

MEN! ;)

2003-01-16, 14:51
I liked the dog, I was joking with you.

I should had put a smiley face on my post. ;)

2003-01-16, 16:26
Its ok Hikerhead, Rock didn't like it for real..lol.

So I figured I couldn't go wrong with the eagle right?? :D

(pssstt, I don't offend very easily. No matter what he says. lol)