View Full Version : Jetboil

2005-07-28, 09:54
Has anyone had the opportunity to use the Jetboil stove? If so what did you like and dislike?


Thanks in advance for the info

Just Jeff
2005-07-28, 11:47
Love the simplicity...quicker and easier than any other stove I've used (admittedly, not many). It doesn't rattle as much when you're carrying it. It's stable because the stove can't fall off. You can even pick up the whole thing and move it while you're cooking.

Dislikes - shape of the pot. It's great for water, but kinda awkard for actually cooking when compared to short fat pots. Not a big deal, just something to get used to.

It weighs a little more than some alcohol stove setups, but IMO the weight is worth it.