View Full Version : Homochitto N.F. trails

steve hiker
2003-01-16, 02:03
Went hiking last weekend in Homochitto National Forest, between McComb and Natchez. This time I bushwacked, following a creek (Clear Creek?) for a good ways. Was a good hike; weather in the 40s, overcast, and it started to sleet in the afternoon! (It's a real treat when we get any type of frozen precip down here).

The problem with trails in Homochitto is that there are so many that criss-cross and they're all blazed -- with the same white symbols, at that. The first time I hiked there a couple years ago, I thought I was following the Clear Creek Trail that's on the Forest Service map and local signs. Until I started to head back, when I noticed all these forks in the trail and both had blazes. Fortunately I found my way back that day.

Homochitto is a real nice area. It's actually hilly, by south Mississippi standards. If you didn't know better you might think you were in Arkansas, on a smaller scale. And not very crowded either. Just watch out for the hunters in shooting season.

steve hiker
2003-02-24, 13:29
Went back to Homochitto NF, Clear Springs area this weekend. Finally heard an owl. Also heard a few flocks of geese (?) heading north at daybreak. In all the times I've gone to Homochitto I've rarely seen or heard any wildlife. Strange. Someone else has told me the same thing. Maybe all the hunting, dunno. But then, I only go in the winter (or what passes for winter in south Miss.), although there still should be more animals out and about then.