View Full Version : Need hammock stand plan (folding)

2005-08-04, 01:43
I have several hammocks that I made years ago, (none backpacking weight - on it's way) and I really like lounging and sleeping in them, but I have a problem...

I have some property that got burnt off in '00 and so has no living trees left, and I can't trust the dead trees to not to fall over and squish me.
Also I am spending quite a bit of time at my parents house and they don't have any trees I can use.

So until I get the energy to cut, strip, and plant, some poles at my land and my parents place (if my folks would even let me) I have no where to hang any of my hammocks.

I would like to build a folding hammock stand that I can throw in the back of my truck or into my trailer and take different places. It doesn't need to be lightweight and it would need to be fairly sturdy as I am not a small person.

Anyone got a plan?

2005-08-04, 11:49
Go to www.hammockcamping.com. There is an article about a stand made from pipes. I've not made one, but if weight is not a problem, then I pretty sure it will work for you.

2005-08-04, 16:55
or: risk's 25$ hammock stand (http://www.imrisk.com/hammockstand/hammockstand.htm)