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2005-08-05, 11:28
Has anybody used one of these volcano stoves?? I just saw it in Sunnys and I know there are much lighter alchy stoves but it was still pretty light and interesting. It had a tall pot stand with holes around the top and bottom and a square hole at the bottom for lighting esbit type tabs or an alchy burner (though a burner isnt included).it also had a fuel bottle that fit into the stand when not in use.and it had a cup/pot with folding handles that fit down into the top for cooking and also fit upside down on top when stowed. Its all aluminum,about 12" x3" when nested, and I liked the way the cup/pot fits into the stand for stability.I bet I could make one of these easy enough with roof flashing. :rolleyes:

2005-08-05, 12:59

Or this?

2005-08-07, 18:12
I have one of these

I think the correct term is "Swiss Corked Flask Canteen Stove Thingamajiggy".
I bought it at my local Army Surplus for $15 Canadian.

Good points:
1. You gotta love the price and the way it all fits together.
2. You can carry water in it and in winter if it freezes it is easier to melt the ice than a plastic bottle. The cork doesn't leak but ice will push water up and out against the spring handle without anything exploding. Very clever.
3. Pretty compact and fits where a Nalgene bottle fits as long as there is room for the height.
4. You have both the flask and the cup, both a very good size. The flask holds a full litre. The cup holds 2 cups and then at least another 1/2 cup at the top.
5. The cup is good for melting snow if you need to and is better for cooking messy stuff you don't want in the flask.
6. Works with just about any fuel. Esbit tabs work great. A small alchol stove could be built especially for it, but a tealight full of alcohol with a cotton or fibreglass wick works very well also. Anything else works but is messy.
7. Lots of fun to play with. Worth the $15 even if you end up destroying the thing as soon as you get it home.

Bad points:
1. If you use fuel like Birch Bark and Spruce Sticks the soot really gets everywhere inside and out and so it is a lot messier than just a tin cup or a blackened pot or a Kelly Kettle where all the mess is on the inside. Birch Bark and Olive Oil in combination is lethal, like thick black paint that never quite dries but will not wash off with alcohol.
2. If you are not careful you can easily melt and burn the aluminum. The opening and the little spot where the steel spring handle sticks in to hold up the mug or canteen is most vulnerable. For this reason it is best to use exactly the right amount of fuel or put the fire out before removing the flask. You can pull a quick switcheroo with the flask and the mug but the fire still needs to be smaller with the mug or the aluminum can melt and burn.
3. You might have to buy two. One to get dirty and use with any fuel. The other to keep clean and shiny with just alcohol or esbits fuel, or no fuel at all if you just want to look at it.

Final comment:
Not as fast or efficient as a Kelly Kettle, but less bulky and you can melt snow with it. Nifty for cross country skiing.

2005-08-08, 11:29
http://www.surplusandadventure.com/ishop/images/800/swiss_volcano_stove.jpg Yep ,this is the one! Thanks guys for the info and pics!! Not the lightest way to go but It looks interesting enough to play around with.And I luvs playing around with gear!!