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2005-08-06, 10:02
First off I need to tell you I'm a complete novice to all this, my reasons for buying a HH is that I'm spending some time in Big Sur this autumn and I have enough gear to lug around already and I'm coming in from the UK. Ok I'm car camping, but I still want to keep everything to a minimum. [travel light - travel fast]. Also since I cricked my back surfing a month or so ago, trying to sleep in a 1 man tent on a thermarest just lost any appeal.

so my new HH arrives [had to pay customs duty :bawling: even tho it was off ebay] and I set it up in the garden, in less than perfect conditions, hanging wise. Eventually I'm more-or-less happy with my efforts and I climb in. Ok I'd strung it too low [no other option] so getting in and out was'nt that easy, mainly because the slot is tight to get your legs through [and the velcro does'nt help - as noted elswhere] I'm a heavy guy [97kg] so it takes a little bit of tugging to achieve landing and takeoff. Once in - comfy, very comfy.......

looking up and out I can see a lot more sky than I want to, and even after lots of playing there's little change.

So what would I change?

Well for a start, and at the expense of a little weight, I'd get some carribineer things and put a decent adjustable suspension system together. coming from sailing and boats there's lots of ways it can be done, although I do get the KISS priciples behind the HH.

I get the feeling that unless the HH is set up just so the fly wont do it's job properly...... so it looks like I'll be visiting REI in SF to pickup the hex.... a little more space maybe?

once the snakeskins are on, it's hard to tell which end is which, so I'm going to have to label it somehow :smile:

Oh... and 10m of 3mm spectra in 2 x 5m lengths would'nt go amiss either

However, what I've seen so far has impressed me enough.... looks like my old Fjalraven tent is staying in the UK

Like I said this is totally new to me so don't shoot us down eh lads?


2005-08-06, 19:16
Cheers Don!
Since taking Sgt. Rock's advice and buying a hammock, I have never regretted it. You really can use them anywhere.
I use the Backpacker Asym and find it very easy now to set up the fly for perfect coverage. You may notice it fits better one way than the other, and if not....might be a good idea to do some more practicing. It only took a few trips to get the hang of it.
Good on you for looking to use alternative lines....I am in the process of testing better lines for the sides of the hammock and fly as these are a bit on the light side.
With the issue of worrying about weight, I would suggest that you try tying the hammock tighter and using bigger trees if possible to acheive better suspension, it was another thing I noticed....the more "U" shape the hammock hung, the worse the suspension. There is a sweet spot.
I originally treated this thing with kid gloves, what with all the silnylon, but soon realized that it could take a lot more (with the exception of wanting to beef up the side tie downs).
Along with any sort of shelter, there are always some 'goodies' that prove handy to keep around. I swear by a military poncho and liner for doing many tasks. If you are looking for extra coverage, a poncho or another silnylon tarp can be used with your existing one without the added weight. I like to use a quick-release on my hammock's side tie down lines so that I can unhook one side to get more room for cooking.
Check out sites online that show you how to erect Bashas and other shelters...I found many a good tip on shelter placement, etc.
Hope you have a blast at Big Sur!

2005-08-07, 00:34
I ditched the side tie-outs on the hammock altogether (I like the swaying motion, it "rocks me to sleep"). For the fly I use Kelty TripTease(sp?), they are light enough and easier to see and tie/untie. I have the hex tarp and find the coverage adequate even in heavy rain, I haven't had it out in a strong blowing rain yet but still feel it will be dry.
You don't have to tie the fly to the suspension lines, most suggest you tie it to the tree below the tree-huggers for a "perfect pitch".
When I slip on the snake-skins I always slip the head end over the foot end, that way even in the dark I can feel which end is which. Just create a habit and stick with it, I haven't pitched it wrong yet and I pitch it in the dark quite often.

2005-08-07, 08:13
well I spent last night in the hammock. or should I say I spent a few hours last night in the H........ ended up back in the house

woke up around 2am chilled to the bone. outside temp can't have been much less than 10c, but there was a heavy dew. [just checked the local station, there was a big dip to 9c [with wind chill] around 0100] My old snuggpak 2 seasons just was'nt doing it any more. Normally it keeps me toasty in the months from late spring to early autumn, but not any more. Tonight I'll try my 3 seasons bag.

The nylon of the H is really permeable. I could feel the slightest breeze, and there was'nt much last night. great for a summers outing in hat stable air, but this is Wales.....cool and wet would just about sum up our weather [no climate as such, the atlantic weather systems all hit us squarely.]

I don't really want to lug a thermarest around with me, or a pad for that matter, I reckon for the moment what i need is something to cut out the draught on my back..... anyone considered something windproof, with a pile on one side, that can double up as a comfy picnic blanket?

Just Jeff
2005-08-07, 11:34
anyone considered something windproof, with a pile on one side

see http://www.geocities.com/jwj32542/HammockCamping.html

2005-08-07, 14:56
see http://www.geocities.com/jwj32542/HammockCamping.html

What a fabulous collection of information, well presented and w/o any bias to any particular solution.

2005-08-07, 18:26
see http://www.geocities.com/jwj32542/HammockCamping.html

excellent read. hey Jeff i see you're in Monterey. I'll be there around the 12th October, probably staying in the HI at Carpenters Hall [just up the road from the aquarium, the other end of the block from Kinkos]. It's a nice town, I always try and spend a couple of days there when I'm in Ca.

Just Jeff
2005-08-07, 19:17
Thanks for the compliments, guys. I added some minor updates today. I have a tarp section written, but I'm trying to get permission from the pic owners before I open it up...don't want to use their stuff without them approving and all. Check back in a few days.

Donredondo, shoot me an email when you're in town...we'll grab a beer or something.

Hog On Ice
2005-08-08, 05:42
one quick note - Hennessy (of HennessyHammock.com) was mis-spelled as Hennessey throughout the section I read

SGT Rock
2005-08-08, 09:14
A lot of spell checkers will do auto correct and mess that up :D

Just Jeff
2005-08-08, 10:04
That's funny...I've always typed "www.hennesseyhammocks.com" to get to the website. Didn't even notice it redirects to hennessyhammocks.com...hehe.

I think I have to check my webpages now... :p