View Full Version : Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Uncle Wayne
2003-01-16, 04:20
There are lots of hiking opportunities in this area of Kentucky. We have done mostly day hikes to the Natural Bridges and I highly recommend them to everyone. I would list most of them as easy to moderate trails and the views and natural formations are something to see. The NFS has maps and info available for the area. If you have a weekend, try this area out.

John B.
2004-11-05, 09:20
I agree with Uncle Wayne's post. Natural Bridge State Park, operated by the Kentucky Department of Parks, has 9 distinct trails within it of varying lengths. Most are in the 1/2 to 2 mile range, but two of the trails are 3.5 and 7 miles. I think that the real benefit of hiking at Natural Bridge is that it allows beginning hikers a somewhat "contained" hiking experience. The trails are well-marked, each tends to loop around to a common starting area, and all are very scenic.

The Red River gorge area is adjacent to Natural Bridge, and is part of the Daniel Boone National Park system. It is huge -- stretching from the KY-Tennessee border to northern Kentucky. While the gorge is internationally known for its rock climbing possibilities, it also provides innumerous trails -- most in the 4-10 mile range, but one of them, the Sheltowee Trace trail, is 260 miles. I should also add that the Red river, at least in the gorge area, also provides Class IV and Class V whitewater for people interested in that sort of thing.

If any of you would like further info on these trails, feel free to write and I'll do the best that I can.

2004-12-24, 08:20
Thanks for this information! I live in Virginia, at the base of Mt Rogers, 2 1/2 miles from the AT. My wife and I want to explore Kentucky , so your Info about the RED RIVER GORGE, is appreciated.