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2005-08-12, 16:46
I don't really have a trail name. It seems, if you have a catchy enough name, like Spicer, you just get labeled with that. I've always been grateful to be spared the nicknames of some of my friends like Stinky Puppy, Lawn Dart and Gonzo, with everyone in every unit, job or city I live in, evetually just calling me spice, even though I try to avoid it, since I like my frist name just fine.

However, it seems in this last week's trip out to the Redwoods, I earned my name. The skeeters were thick enough to swallow, and given their interest in our food bag the option seemed apetizing at times. Rather than deal with them though, my girlfriend and I opted instead to dine out, hiking to remote points with the stove and food and eating diner far away from camp. It was great, but led to a food situation that could politely be called disorganized. One evening, in the rush to hang up the food sack and jump into the tent, I forgot a pepper conainer and a bag of granola in my coat pocket.

Upon finding the granolla, I also found the broken open pepper container and it's contents that were launched into a cloud in the tent by a bellows effects between the pocket and the baggy. The ensuing sneezing fits aroused the attention of every mosquito in a quarter mile, who were soon clouding the sky above our tent.

Irony will get you every time.


bird dog
2005-08-12, 19:20
Catchy....I like it. Everyone has their moment. Just ask Rock how he got his trail name.

2005-08-12, 20:40
It was reading Rock's archived post that got me to mention it.

So, anybody else? How'd you get yours?


bird dog
2005-11-10, 20:25
So, anybody else? How'd you get yours?

Mine is an Army one that stuck. Got so lost one time while on a patrol that I found the place I was looking for by accident. Sarge said, "Wow, you really are a good navigator" (not knowing I didnt have a clue), "We're going to call you Bird Dog". Spent the next seven years of my military career learning everything I could about land navigation to live up to the name. Still talk to old army buddies who call me Bird Dog to this day. It stuck. Hence.....Bird Dog.

2005-11-10, 21:39

I go canoeing with a group of guys each year into the Quetico in Canada. I generally pick the wood and keep the fires. One year I started a fire during a thunderstorm (just scavenged for dry tinder and squaw wood) and they dubbed me Pyro. It's stuck for the last 12 years.