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2005-08-14, 16:16
I have an important decision to make, and I know this place
has some experts on titanium cookware.
I am forced to retire my faithful cookpot for 10 years.

I am looking at the MSR titan kettle and, titan cup.

It looks like a good complete cook system.
However it may be important to state just how I intend to use this gear.

I am not a stove user. Just a straight old fashioned wood fire.

Does anyone out there know if these items can stand up to the heat?
I have never used titanium gear before and I don't really know how
tough, durable this stuff is going to be.

I was going to buy these on Ebay but thought I would get your opinions
of them and performance reviews before I spent some large coin.

2005-08-14, 22:18
Turk, I have used the combo you mentioned above, for two years. I have burned wood, esbit, propane, gas and alcohol under both the kettle and the Mug, and have seen no damage to either. Mine are a bit stained, smoked, etc... to date, and I don't worry to scrub them both up too much anymore. I like how the mug nestles inside the kettle. I have a home made esbit burner under my mug, (inside the kettle), an alcohol burner inside the mug, and a wood burner (can with fancy holes) around the whole mess. Jam a bunch of aluminuminuminum foil around the mug, stuff in a bent spoon, and I am ready to go. I keep the whole mess inside a ditty bag to keep the (later) soot off the rest of my gear. For AM, coffee & oats, its esbit. Dinner is alcohol fuel, and if I am really bored, lost or didn't bring enough of other fuel, its wood time. The system works for me, and I am not going to weight it, for obvious reasons.

I also pack this little kit along while hunting, and can whip up a cup of coffee in 6 minutes. The kit would help me survive if I had to warm water, to avoid hyopthermia.

Almost forgot to mention the plastic blow tube with metal tip I included with this kit, to assist with getting a fire going in the can, when in poorer weather.

A little side note: A great book on cold weather survival, especially when in snow, is: WINTER WISE Travel and Survival in Ice and Snow, by Montague "Monty" Alford. I have learned a ton from this book. Buy it!

2005-08-14, 23:11
great, thats what I wanted to hear!

now anyone know where the best place to order the kettle, cup combo online is? Shipping to Canada is often a problem :(

2005-08-15, 02:43
Turk, try Campmor, MSR Cookware page, Titan Kettle is $40, Titan Cup is $30.


Happy Spending!

Boy, they sure ain't giving this stuff away are they! Ka'ching!

2005-08-15, 10:12
now anyone know where the best place to order the kettle, cup combo online is? Shipping to Canada is often a problem :(

I ordered my Titan Kettle from http://www.europebound.com/ in Canada. They didn't have it listed on the web site; I ordered it by phone. I believe you can go to the MSR web site and get a list of dealers in Canada. Most of them should be able to order it for you.

The kettle has worked well for me. I did partly melt the rubber handle on the cover somehow, but it isn't too serious.


2005-08-20, 14:35
The only problem with titanium would be if you got it red hot too many times, which won't happen with a pot that is being used for cooking. Just avoid boiling it dry and you should never have a problem.

Kea, who has forged titanium before and slagged it. :)

2005-08-20, 15:35
okay, I like everything I am hearing and reading about titanium.
It sounds like I should have no problem with fire.

However I was looking at the combined weight of my rig and I noticed
that the Snowpeak mini solo kit is considerably lighter. The drawback
is that the volume of the snowpeak is also considerably less.

tough decision to make.

2005-08-20, 16:21
My I suggest you look at the trek 1400. I have it and love it and it is also a little cheaper too. I perconally like having a frying pan instead of a mug better. It works great as a plate or bowl when not using it for cooking and my personal favorite is to use it to make mini pizzas with the pot as a baking lid! Mmmmmm that sounds good I think I'll go make one. :eating:

2005-08-21, 15:52
speaking of snowpeak, anyone noticed that they finally upgraded their site from looking like it was designed in the 80s...