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2005-08-20, 05:10
Sling Shot Tarp Tensioner........as shown on Just Jeffs site.............

here's a variation on Jeffs s/shot tensioner, based on the old surfleash designs. Apologies to you all if this is common practice.

Take your s/shot rubbers and cut the ends off. you should have two lengths of surgical tubing. [If it's solid rubber disregard the rest of this tip :) ] Take off the tarp tie outs and put a boline or overhand loop in one end. the loop needs to be around 2" long when tight.


Slip the tubing over the line and run it down to the eye end and slip about an inch over the knot. [if you have problems at this point and further along stick the tubing into hot water for a few seconds and then it should be pliable enough to work over the knots]

tie a length of thin cord [I use braided nylon stripping line] very tightly around the tubing on the loop side of the knot. In fact whip it as tightly as you can.


Hook the loop around something handy and then carefully stretch the tubing out and up the line, which you will see disappearing into the tube.

when you've gone as far as you think neccessary [around 75% of stretch capacity sounds about right] mark this point off. Let go of the tubing and tie a knot here.


Tie that end of the cord somewhere handy, without any slack, and restretch the tubing back over this knot, + an inch. hold it there [a third hand helps] tie that stripping line round it ..tight.


Roll both ends back over the securing cords so that they're hidden and out of the way. Release the line. notice how the tubing returns to its original length, with the guy line neatly coiled up inside...... no more snaggles


This is how all surfboard leashes were made before the advent of eurethane. If you have a friendly surgeon ask him for some 10mm surgical tubing! needless to say this can be ysed for tent guys etc, anywhere you need an auto-retensioner.

2005-08-20, 20:40
Bummer --- the links to Rock's pages on this seem to be unavailable, at least from within the post. It also seems that we've managed to slashdot JustJeff's pages :biggrin:. Geocities reports his data xfer allotment has been exceeded.

Sigh . . .

2005-08-21, 09:33
here's a shot of the finished set-up... a bit garish what with the orange tubing and lime green guys.......


......but it seems to work. The hammock is set up in the less than pefect spot in my back garden.

2005-09-13, 09:32
Hi i have just copied your design for the tensioners on my HH hex tarp and it works a treat. It held good all night and the next day and rapping the cord around the latex tube(?) made coiling the cord up nice and easy for the next night.

Cheers weekender

Just Jeff
2005-09-13, 10:38
Great...it's really a lightweight way to keep a nice tight tarp all night, without cinching down on the thin silnylon.

Which design did you copy...donredondo's or mine?

2005-09-13, 14:31
Hey glad it worked....... really the only advantage is that the line is coiled inside the tube, and less likely to tangle.........

2005-09-16, 12:12
Sorry Jeff.

I used Don's design only because i liked the way in which the cord was curled up in the latex tubing and nowing how kak handed i am i would have got in a right mess the way i was going. Both really good designs though.Also have looked at your idea for the hammock gear sack/pack cover it looks great, only having been out in a hammock a couple of times (newly converted from tents) this idea really made sense and i think welcome addition to make life easier.
On a different note Donredondo i notice your from Wales are there any good hammock camping places you could recommend??? :biggrin:

Just Jeff
2005-09-16, 12:46
Glad you like the tensioner. I think I'm gonna try Don's design, too, actually.

Gear hammocks sure make things easier.

2005-09-17, 12:36
Lots of places in Wales.

coastal areas tend to be somewhat treeless so not a hammocky place.... Snowdonia has many areas of forest and woodland around the fringes, some good cycle trails etc especially in the southern section........ not neccesarily with camping areas........ but with the new right to roam laws just coming in, Forestry land at least is a little easier....... up in the mountains, you get a lot of rain, usually horizontally so maybe a tent is easier. Mountains are'nt particularly high, but we are at 54*N here in NWales [about the same as Labrador] so exposure is a real issue........

here's what it can be like in march.........


2005-09-18, 05:08
I know what you mean about horizontal rain, a friend and i must have picked the worst weekend ever to do the snowdon horseshoe, the weather was terrible.

Thanks guys

Just Jeff
2005-09-30, 02:45

I made your version and they work great. I might make them shorter next time, but this version is a little more convenient than mine. A little more complicated, but still an easy project.

Details here: http://www.geocities.com/jwj32542/HomemadeGearTarpTensioner2.html

Thanks for the great project!

2005-10-02, 06:23
Hi Jeff

Just seen your idea for using the S.S.T's on the tarp tie outs, hadnt thought of that, what a great idea, keeps the tarp nice and tight even when attaching it to the HH support ropes.

Weekender :adore:

Hog On Ice
2005-12-26, 05:04
I tried out the SST this last weekend - they worked very well - I basically used Don's design but I didn't bother rolling the tube back over the knot - I tried but it was too much of a PIA - I use the inner line from 550 cord to tie a constrictor knot around the tube and a figure eight knot on the tarp line to hold the tube in place.

Now I need to get some heavier tubing for the ridge line of my MacCat tarp and I will be in great shape

2006-01-14, 18:40
well they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I'm stoked that the Jacks [JRB] appear to have used my design for their SST's. Glad to see it gaining a wider audience as it were

[ I should have patented it ;) ]