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2005-09-01, 16:51
Hi there fellow campers. I am in the process of buying a Mountain Hard Ware PCT 1 for my worldly travels but I am going to MoeDown music festival in Turin, New York tomorow. I have no tent so I thought about getting a hammock. EMS, has a Byer traveler Hammock for 20 dollars. This is my best option because you arent allowed to park in the camping area. The only problem is that there is a 20% chance of rain for most of the weekend. Is there any easy way to rig a tarp or some plastic to keep me relatively dry? I am not very good with knots and rope, although I do have a very good knot book. I would love any help with information on how to hang the hammock, and how to figure in a tarp aswell. Thank you for your time. Ty I hope to see you there, its a killer lineup!

2005-09-01, 19:01
Go to lowes and get a 9x12 3mil painters plastic drop cloth, 6 gutter spikes and 30 ft of light cord...pick up some small round pebbles....should come to about $10

Between the trees that you plan for your hammock run a line, put the plastic over the line put pebbles in the corners and at the side mid point, take a piece of string with a loop in it cinch it around the plastic behind the pebble and run it to a stake ( gutter spike) and tie it any way you please, repeat for other corners and side mid points ...done.

Hang hammock under it.

Enjoy the concert.


PS. make sure the ropes you use for that hammock have 1000-1600 lb strength...you'd be surprised the force on a weighted hammock rope.

2005-09-03, 14:09
Hi Guys and Galls work is over for the weekend and im off for my first weekend away in what seems like an age and also my first proper couple of nights out in my new HH exp deluxe with hex tarp i cant wait(like a big kid) will let you know how i got on when i get back. . . .

2005-09-05, 20:55
Weekender at age 35 you are a big kid! Have a good trip. :elefant: