View Full Version : day hiker

2003-01-16, 09:25
a derogatory term used by thruhikers to berate another hiker who appears to wash and shave regularly and have his packweight under control.

2003-01-16, 12:12
also known as trash haulers...In my two week stint as caretaker at iceh2o shelter I would see LOTS of day hikers...they would talk to you and need water and ask questions about treating water and not even have a water bottle...then they would say .." wish I could be a park volunteer..I would be great" upon which statement I would have them sign my "offical volunter LOG" and give them a bag of garbage to take back to newfound gap with them..I collected garbage from around shelter and bunion and always took the thru-hikers trash and sent it back with one of my NEW volunteers...I had a ranger rick hat and a park radio and thier name in my "offical log" as to ensure that the dayhikker would take the trash and dispose of it properly told'em to report to park HQ Visitor center and report trash that was hauled out...visitor center and HQ had no idea and didn't know what to say but THANK YOU..LOL ..there's more than one way to skin a cat!

2003-01-17, 18:26
That was good for my first real out loud laugh of the day. Thanks! And thanks for sharing that story. I am now ready for the weekend.