View Full Version : Plaque in a NCO club

2005-09-06, 00:40
Leaps tall buildings in a single bound
Faster than a speeding bullet
Stronger than a locomotive
Walks on water
Gives directives to God

Leaps tall buildings with a running start
As fast as a speeding bullet
As strong as a locomotive
Walks on calm water
Talks to God

Leaps smaller buildings
Almost as fast as a bullet
Stronger than a switching engine
Walks on swimming pools
Listens to God

Able to leap quonset hut
As fast as a speeding BB
As strong as a switching engine
Walks across mud-puddles
Prays to God

Able to leap quonset hut most of the time with a favorable wind
Almost as fast as a BB
Can recognize a locomotive 2 out of 3 times
Can float
Hopes there's a God to save his butt

2nd Lieutenant
Trips on doorstep
Not allowed to have ammunition
Says "look at the choo-choo"
Plays in mud-puddles
Mumbles to himself

Lifts tall buildings and walks under them
Catches bullets with his teeth and eats them
Pulls locomotives
Freezes water with just one look

bird dog
2005-09-06, 03:49
Ive seen that a hundred times, but it never gets old. Hey Seeker, werent you a Captain?

2005-09-06, 11:27
yes, i was a CPT. this plaque must have been for families... i've seen one that concerned the, shall we say "creation" of certain flavors of ice cream... i was up to making vanilla, chocolate, AND strawberry... i forget the middle part, but generals make banana splits, and the poor sergeants have to eat the ice cream...

2005-09-06, 11:57
Hmmm. Apparently I have been a God in my time.

Something seems to have happened to my powers lately.

With Infinite Sadness and Regret,


2005-09-06, 14:51
If I'm god then why do I get paid the least out of all of them???

2005-09-06, 15:48
because you're in it for the fun of it, and not for profit... and the free "ice cream" from the officers...

(that used to really irk some of my sergeants, and i have to say i agreed with a lot of them...)

2005-09-06, 16:47
Yea, seeing a Lt. that was litteraly in diapers when you went to basic getting paid more than you and having to tell him how stupid everything he says is.

Just kidding on the last part. If you are a good NCO and the Lt. has any brains and your company commander is a good mentor an Lt. can really make something of himself b4 they really do anything too stupid.

2005-09-06, 22:06
i agree... had a few dud NCOs, a few good ones, a lot of great ones, and two particularly outstanding ones. one of those was my platoon sergeant when i was in the guard, before i came on active duty... we still keep in touch, 21 years later, and i had lunch with him a few months ago when i went home to visit... unfortunately, he was pretty much the first NCO i had, and all others had to measure up to him... few did... but all in all, they generally saved my butt most of the time, and even the mediocre ones had their good points... couldn't have been all i was without their help...

i did have a few very senior E-4s in the guard who made more than i did though... that was sort of funny...

bird dog
2005-09-06, 23:16
Hope I didnt hurt your feelings Seeker. I was a Staff Sergeant before I DX'd the wife, got custody of the kids and came home with them. I should have learned my lesson about the money thing and picked a more lucrative career, but you live and you learn. This is totally off the topic, but Im leaving tomorrow headed towards Covington, LA. Doing a "Convoy Escort" for a buddy of mine that has family there. We are hauling all kind of supplies down and work on houses of family members from the department. Head on down and swing a hammer with us.

2005-09-07, 00:52
not at all! :biggrin:

love to, but i've got some folks in for a rotation, and have to put the finishing touches on the opfor instructions and some intel junk... allies, and we didn't get to do much coordination with them over the phone like we can with US units when we have questions... so it's all 'last minute' stuff... plus, being what they are, guests, we can't say 'no'... at least they speak english...

2005-09-07, 01:33
We used to always say "Officers think they are gods, 1st Sergeants know they are gods, and Warrents should be treated as gods."

2005-09-07, 01:49
We used to always say "Officers think they are gods, 1st Sergeants know they are gods, and Warrents should be treated as gods."

that's a good one... i like it...