View Full Version : Re-Sole Shoes?

2005-09-07, 15:56
I'm an old timer (57), so I remember the good old days when hikers used 4 lb. per pair hiking boots from companies like Asolo, Lowa and Vasque. I'm not suggesting we go back to those days, but one good thing about those old heavy boots was that they could be re-soled fairly easily. Now a lot of people use running shoes and I don't think it's possible or even desirable to re-sole that kind of shoe.

Recently I bought a pair of Lowa Tempest II Lows, and while not as heavy as those old boots, they're definately old school style and it appears that they could be re-soled. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had a shoe like the Lowa Tempest re-soled and if it worked out. :captain: