View Full Version : Newbie here, just got my HH

2005-09-09, 14:57
I'm trying to put together a decent lightweight package. I just got a HH Explorer Deluxe Asym with snakeskins and am absolutely loving it. Slept out in it last night with just a blanket and was fine to the low 50s. I'm picking up the hex fly and undercover/quilt/overcover next month just to round out the kit for nasty or cold weather. I gotta say this thing beats my Eureka tent (Zeus 2EXO) for ease of setup and pack space. Cant wait to spend a weekend in it!

2005-09-09, 16:46
howdy and welcome!

lots of other HH hangers here, and lots of experience... we'll all be happy to help you figure out what works best for you...

2005-09-09, 19:43
welcome to the hanging crowd.