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2005-09-09, 20:17
Hammock campers,

Every year I head out with a bunch of guys for a 4 day trek on random spots along the North Country Trail (http://www.northcountrytrail.org/explore/ex_miup/miup.htm) in the UP of Michigan. This year we are going in Mid October with expected low temperatures of mid 40's to low 30's. Usually I hump in a tent but this year I came into possession of a Hennesy Expedition asym. and am thinking of bringing that instead. I currently have a Therma-Rest Pro-lite 3 sleeping pad and a Carinthia Defence 4 sleeping bag (http://www.military-sleeping-bags.com/sleepingbags.asp?Group=2)(comfort level 5f to -29f extreme rating) with a Poly cotton bag liner (http://www.military-sleeping-bags.com/extras_details.asp?Extra_ID=2). What if anything else should I or do I need to consider to stay warm?

Thanks from a hammock Newbie.....


2005-09-09, 23:11
make sure you've got enough insulation for the bottom of the hammock...

your thermarest is basically 3/4 length then, if i'm not mistaken... i had a full length one i used to use, but found that a 24'' wide blue foam pad was just about as warm (for Louisiana), and a lot lighter. you also need to find a system for extending the sides of said hammock insulation, so your shoulders stay warm. i've never slept that cold in a hammock before (30s), but then i get cold REAL easy... i'd consider dumping the 3/4 length pad (it's too short, and your legs will freeze) and look at some way of thickening the blue pad. SGT Rock has a whole section on this site that deals with his search for a good underquilt/pad... maybe a couple blue foam pads overlapping in the middle with 6'' off each side might do it. Anyone out there tried that? seems to me i'd seen a thread to that effect once...

finally, Jacks-R-Better make(s) a highly rated underquilt sytem that others on this site have raved about, and which i hope someday to own.

Good luck.

2005-09-10, 00:16
Try a space blanket in between your bag and bag cover. I currently have some of that mylar bubble-wrap inside the cover of my military surplus (Korean era I think) mountain bag. I seems toasty enough, but not fully tested.

2005-09-10, 07:41
Low thirties will require at least an inch thickness of cc foam pads or cc and self-inflating pad...a pro lite will not cut it by itself...plan at least 24-27 width at the shoulders and hips....keeping all that together with minimum hassle is a good job for an SPE... figure total weight to come to at least 36-40 oz for this much insulations and SPE...bulk will also be very significant ... fleece sleeping clothes will help but significant pad thickness is still a requirement.

Alternatively 2 inch thick down under quilts wgh 20-21 oz and 3 inch thick models will weigh 24 oz and pack to approximately 7x7x9 in the worst case.

Just my 0.02...but then I'm biased.


2005-09-10, 08:30
That quilt looks great. My only problem is I am alergic to down. Is there a synthetic version? Thanks though to all for the info...

2005-09-10, 09:06

Sorry but there is no synthetic version.