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arctic rambler
2005-09-11, 08:59
Dear Sarge,
I have built a number of stoves and like you, it seems that I keep coing back to the simple single wall designs. My son is currently SOBO on the AT and just completed the four state challenge. He has been field testing my stoves. I have an Ion type stove that is working quite well. I just press a one inch bottom of a V8 can over the quarter inche bottom of another V8. The short section is the burner with a 3/4 inch center hole and 16 surrounding holes. The burner is convex and so a little of the fuel stays on the top when you fill it and seems to help prime the stove. I am experimenting with making a pot stand out of a larger can which could do double duty as a backup side-burner stove. My question to you is what purpose does the three 1/16 notches serve on the your ion design on website?
Thanks for your great website!

2005-09-11, 12:32
If I'm not mistaken (and he'll correct me if I am...LOL) the notches served the purpose of helping to insert the two halves together more easily. It's been a while since we've used that version of can so my memory on this could be cloudy.

arctic rambler
2005-09-11, 17:01
That makes sense. I have been making my burners by forcing the bottom of one can over the bottom of another. It's easy and makes a tight fit. I made a pot stand out of a 3 oz cat food can. I cut three large rectangular holes 1.5 by 1 inch and left a quarter inch around the bottom so it can also be used for priming. I just fill the burner with fuel and drop it into the cat can and light. This makes a strong and light pot stand ( 6 grams). With burner and simmer thingy total weight is 14 grams.