View Full Version : Asymetric Maccat Tarps?

2005-09-11, 19:30
Does anyone know why the Maccat tarp is not symetric from end to end? Looking at the pictures on the web page it appears that the tarp is wider on one end.

Just Jeff
2005-09-11, 20:32
I think that's just in the picture...my Standard is just as wide at the foot end as at the head end. I'm pretty sure all of his hammock models are that way.

You'll probably get a reply back tonight if you email him.

2005-09-11, 21:01
My MacCat tarps are symetrical on both axies; that is, if you cut the tarp in half either lengthwise or width wise, both halves would be the same. I might take some new pictures if this was a problem. I was initially planning to make the new MacCat Micro non-asymetric, but decided against it.


2005-09-12, 16:06
Ah, perspective. Even the shots that appear to be from the side look asymetric. More questions. Is the 1000d reinforcing patch on both sides or just one? Do you use polypropolene webbing for less water absorbancy? Hope you don't mind. I'm halfway done with a homemade version of the Micro, and have to decide how to edge and reinforce. I'm not out in extreme weather, so I'm thinking of going without the edge webbing, or maybe substituting a lighter weight grosgrain ribbon over the top of the current rolled hem, but I don't have heavy weight cordura and was thinking of putting my lighter weight (3-400d?) reinforcement on both sides. Would that work?


2005-09-12, 20:07
The 1000D patch is only on one (outer) side. Lighter fabric (as low as say 1.9oz) should work just fine. I use a flat weave nylon webbing, and I have found that there is no significant water absorbed into the webbing. The 1\2" nylon webbing is quite small, and make sure you give yourself enough on the tieout itself to make the force is spread out along the tieout.
If you practice a little, you should be able to get a nice border with 3\4" GGR:) (dont try 1\2" GGR, its too small).
Hope it turns out nice!

Brian MacMillin