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2005-09-13, 11:36
So there I was, on Mt. Marcy in June, snow atop with a moving ice sheet which sent all other hikers home that day, all 2 of them. The husband and I handling our "almost" summit ( we came w/in .8 mile) with as much positivity that we could muster considering it had been raining buckets for 3 hours. Soaked to the bone and COLD.
Had to use the facilities so I sent him on ahead.
Leave the pack on I told myself, that would be quicker and warmer.
Bad move, the bark on that tree was slippery and I was standing in a lovely area of deep mud. I landed on my back.
Drawers down and rolling, I stuck there. I'd fallen and couldn't get up, the more I rolled the deeper it got. Man was it raining that day.
Thankfully the husband headed back after a gut feeling told him he shouldn't let us get too far apart and there I was.
Smeared with mud completely would be an understatement.
He almost couldn't help me up for the laughter, and first attempted to find the camera.
I am thankful to this day that it was safe and secure in my pack.

2005-09-14, 01:42
Reminds me of years ago when I was a kid: My family was on a winter trip and stopped to ski in Grand Targhee. As we all skiied at different paces we split up, My older brother and I going our own ways and only my Mom and Dad staying together. As chance would have it I ended up at the chairlift at almost the same time as my brother and so was in the chair behind him. As we were going up I heard the man riding with my brother start laughing and say "Look at that!" He was pointing to my Mother in her wet look coat, slidding down the hill on her back, as my Dad skiied along side yelling "Dig in your skiis, dig in your skiis!!"
-My brother was a teenager and was deeply embaressed - he only said "Yah"

bird dog
2005-11-10, 20:20
Its always a good idea to be the camera bearer. That prevents ones hiking partner from snapping photos while on the AT shelter privy's!!!