View Full Version : Technical problems or just a slow day??

2005-09-28, 11:49
I had problems logging on here last couple of days,so today when there was no new posts I thought maybe there was problems on the site.But then again the weather is so nice(here in mid atlantic anyway) maybe everybody is just playing hooky from work or just staring out the window daydreaming.lol

"Must be the season of the witch" :turtle: :turtle: :turtle:

2005-09-28, 12:12
Probably just slow..


2005-09-28, 15:18
Weather has been just beautiful here too. I'm planning on a nice day hike this Sat. Any takers?

2005-09-29, 00:07
Weather has been just beautiful here too. I'm planning on a nice day hike this Sat. Any takers?

Sure thing. I'm hitting Cacapon State Park near Berkeley Springs, WV and taking on the long loop.


2005-09-29, 01:46
i'm thinking about it... been really hot and a little windy here lately, but i have it mostly cleaned up... weather's supposed to cool down, i need a break before work starts up again monday, and i may take a long one friday through sunday... only problem is the 13 miles of forest service road to my favorite area... still, most trees went down EW, not NS, so the EW road there could be in good shape... if not, just a longer hike... we'll see... mama may want a break too, and i'll end up on a city hike... ick.

on that note, we're almost back to normal... walmart's open 8-5, hoping to go to 24/7 by monday... still no cold stuff (produce, meat, dairy) but they hope to get that in by friday. mail ran yesterday and today, and the garbage guys are back on the job... house is full of friends without power, sleeping here for the AC, but it's not so bad... worse for them... brought a guy's entire freezer into my garage tonight, to keep him from losing his stuff, 'cause he was running low on gas for his generator... good cooperation all around... good neighbors make all of it tolerable...