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SGT Rock
2005-10-14, 10:29
To all you homemade stove tinkerers, we all have something to feel proud of. I just got a e-mail yesterday from AIDG group which has a NGO providing relief in Guatemala from a hurricane, you can read all that below. Anyway, we all know that we bounce ideas off each other and every design incorporates a few ideas picked up from looking how others did stuff. Here is the e-mail:


Dear Sgt. Rock,

I wanted to thank you for posting the clearest most concise pepsi can stove instructions on the web. I run an NGO in Guatemala and in response to the massive destruction from hurricane Stan we have begun producing a more "cat stove" like stove for emergency stove kits (we probably would have produced an ion stove, but this was faster to make). These have been incredibly helpful to displaced families in communities with little government aid. We have included with the stove kits a translated, condensed version of your ion stove instructions (with full credit to you of course). People have begun disseminating these pages in emergency shelters to begin manufacturing their own stoves. The you again for posting such clear concise instructions with simple, easy to read diagrams. Even though many of these people have never used the Internet I can assure you they are grateful to you for creating your website.


Peter Haas
CEO - Lead Tech
AIDG inc.
6-53 1 ave A Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

Anyway, like I said, I consider it a credit to all the stove tinkerers out there. The designs they used were not mine either in part of in whole, just the designs I tried to develop clear instructions for building. And even the deigns I consider in are all inspired, prototypes, and tested by y'all. Something to note too, I looked at their website and the design is something I played with, but isn't even one of my standard types, but a conclomeration of a few different ideas doen in their own style. I guess for me it is nice to know that the effort has a good use other than the sport of backpacking.

2005-10-14, 19:25
That is awsome!!!

Sgt Rock is an international stove superstar.