View Full Version : New way for water purification???

2005-10-16, 02:01
Was just bouncing around the web when I came across this:

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Removes: Bacteria, Protozoa (giardia), Viruses

Description: Clear Liquid grapefruit seed concentrate.

* 6-8 drops per liter
* slight bitter taste
* found at health food stores

Anyone else heard of this? Does it work or is it snake oil?

2005-10-16, 02:45
No fair, I posted that a while back!!!!!!!

LOL, wonder how well it works?

2005-10-16, 03:07
I *think* I saw something in backpacker from "Dr Buck" about this... I might be wrong but I *think* he said it doesnt work as claimed. Not enough whatever to reliably disinfect anything.

But on the otherhand, lots of sites are saying it looks like it works... though its still not "approved" for anything.

2005-10-16, 03:09
You can buy some here


about 3/4 of the way down.

2005-10-16, 03:14
Interesting idea. I would think that the peel of a grapefruit might work also. Perhaps next trip I will bring a grapefruit for the first day and save the peel for the rest of the trip. I will still use Aquamira, but maybe throw in a little Grapefruit peel for flavour now and then. Penicilin came from mold on a grapefruit I understand. Mold is a clever little beastie that competes with many bacteria and other germs for food. Cheese is mold also. Not all mold is good for you, of course, and not all bacteria is bad for you either.

As for seeds, some seeds like apple seeds are intentionally bitter so that they will be eaten but not chewed or digested. Apple seeds are safe to swallow but not to chew. I would be careful about chewing on anything that didn't taste good, especially bitter tastes. A little bit of a lime taste or citrus peel is good for you though, as long as you are able to wash off most of the pesticides.

Wouldn't it be funny if snake oil actually turned out to be useful for something. I suppose it comes from their armpits. :)

2006-10-12, 03:43
FYI , When you burn yourself to stop the pain pour liquid bleach over area. Rinse with water. The pain will stops before you rinse with water. Pain is gone instantly. I've done this every time I've burned myself since I've learned this (15 yrs ago) and am amased every time. Never tried with sunburn though. Haven't had chance. :captain: