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Gordy Lewis
2005-10-21, 15:00
Just want to say I enjoy reading all the posts and reviewing all the usefull information on this web site. I do have a question or maybe an observation regarding the compass navigation section on the website. I was reading over the lessons on navigation and got to lesson #8 where it goes thru a general walk through on navigation. If you read the walk thru and get to #4. it says to determine your distance and direction and then convert direction to grid north. Should it mean convert direction to magnetic north? The reason I bring this up is that in the prior steps it talks about marking a starting point and target point on your map. Then it says to draw a line long enuf to get a azimuth or direction from a protractor. This in turn will give you a grid direction thus you would have to convert it to a magnetic direction....... instead of converting to a grid direction as the lesson suggests ....Correct?
Please review the information on the web site and post if I am or am not reading it correctly. Because if I am correct and others are using this information out in the field it will give them the wrong bearing as the rules for converting to grid north and magnetic north are opposite instructions ( add, subtract). Anyway justy wanted some clarification.

Gordy Lewis
Thank you,

Gordy Lewis

SGT Rock
2005-10-21, 23:21
You are correct.

bird dog
2005-10-21, 23:46
Im not as computer savvy as some, so here goes....Where is the compass and Nav information at on this site? Is it in one of the Campfire threads or somewhere else? Couldnt find it. BD

2005-10-21, 23:53

Check there... :)

It is one of the links under the navigation bar on the main homepage.

bird dog
2005-10-22, 00:06
Found it just about the same time you posted your reply Dixie. Thanks!!