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2005-10-24, 11:33
OK, I've followed the thread on the sling shot tarp tensioners and I'm ready to build a couple. The only problem is getting the Sling Shot replacement parts. I've gone to several Walmarts in both NY and PA and can't find them! I'm assuming the place to look is in the sporting goods section. If this isn't where could someone let me know where they found the replacement parts.

Just Jeff
2005-10-24, 19:43
I've always found them with the rest of the slingshots in the sporting goods departments. Sometimes that section is with the paintball supplies.

You can probably have them order a few and deliver them right to your local Walmart for free - they're about $5-6 each.

2005-10-25, 07:16
If its any help i got mine from a fishing tackle shop. . .

2005-10-25, 17:04
yeah..i got mine at the walmart next to the paintball stuff...

i also tried a medical supply store... they didn't have them, but i'm sure in a LARGER metropolis, say, anything OVER 10,000 people, they might...

oh, btw... for those of you who've ever lived in and around fort polk... walmart in beauregard parish is applying for a liquor license... still a huge fight, but things seem to be sliding into the 21st century around here (only 5 years late!)

press release...

AP. Hell. "devil reports sudden temperature loss"

Just Jeff
2005-10-25, 18:17
I got some "exercise bands" from a medical supply store. They were the same thing as sling shot bands, but some were thicker. I could only buy the entire box ($13), and it had enough to make probably 50 tensioners. I took it back when I finally found the slingshot kit for a few bucks.

I would have liked one of the stronger bands, though...my slingshot tensioners aren't strong enough to use on the MacCat ridgeline. Not sure I'd want to put that much force on a stake in the ground, though.

2005-10-25, 21:14
Thanks for all the input. On an outside chance I Googled slingshot, law and new york and found out that it illegal to own a wrist-type sling shot in New York State. I guess that explains why I never saw slingshots or replacement parts in the NY Walmarts. I guess I'll have to mail order replacement bands.

Just Jeff
2005-10-25, 21:44
Or check with a local clinic and ask if you can have a foot of surgical tubing.

2005-10-26, 14:09
or go over to jersey or connecticutttt... maybe it's legal there...

2005-10-26, 16:20
My local Ace Hardware has it on a spool right beside the plastic tubing.

sand crab
2005-10-29, 08:35
I noticed this tubing at the local Lowe's store in the section with rope, tubing, etc. It came by the box and was approx $10. I can't recall how many feet were in the box, but it was way more than needed for this project.