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2005-10-26, 00:42
I just had another great Idea!!!

Now Iceman and those that know me can stop holding thier heads and crying now. This is better than the alcohol stove powered, titanium steam engine that runs a generator for yuppies to power thier cell phones. Much better than that one. Well, maybe.

How about another reality show? Come on guys, please keep reading. Please?

What do you think about a through hike reality show?? Now I would never think of pitching it to one of the big networks, but I think something like OLN (Outdoor Life Network) that is supposed to care about the environment should be able to do a pretty good job at this. If all the permits were taken care of and environmental impact studies were done and it was done rather low key I think it might be a hit.

Have them starting out with whatever gear that they want. See how they progress from heavy to lighter gear throughout the show. Have people with the most expensive gear and others with gear like me(sponsored by wally world and goodwill). If they win one of thier challenges they get to sleep in a HH for a week.

Ok, tell me what you guys really think.

2005-10-26, 00:54
He he :biggrin: And those who can't hack it, can (walk) go home . . . .
We had a Danish television show ("71 Nord"/71 North) doing almost that. 12 ordinary Danes in the ages 18-40, had to travel around 2500Km to get to the most northern of scandinavia. The group was lead by a former Special Forces soldier.

2005-10-26, 00:58
Wow, sounds kind of like that Brit SAS show that they had on a while back.
I think I would rather do the Scandinavia thing than the Sahara desert thing. LOL.

2005-10-26, 01:42
Kind of off topic, but I always thought that what they should have done on survivor was spot cameras around the island, dump off the contestants, and return on a weekly basis to take off the ones who either wanted to leave or were close to death.
At the end of a few months (3?) take whoever was left and have them voted on/off by an audience, or judges.
Or maybe thin them out with some actual survival oriented contests (+ win a pocket knife/fire/food).
I would have watched this.

I'll watch your show.

2005-10-26, 02:03
Yup - I've always rejected to the idea of intriques, group voting, hate ect. And that's why I've never watched any reality-tv - The show trailers have always been more than enough . . . . . But I also assume that's what makes 75% of all viewers watch the reality-shows.

I second the idea of having a real "surviver/hack-it/do-or-(not-quite-)die/hike-it" show, where it's actually the contestants skills and capabillities that decides who wins and like Dropkick states Darwin'ing them out, favoring the capable and skilled ones.

Just Jeff
2005-10-26, 05:06
My wife watches Survivor. I had to laugh when this season started with a "grueling" 11 mile hike in the jungle. According to what they showed on TV, there wasn't much elevation change and the trail stayed pretty wide the whole way. Not even any land nav...just follow a crayon-drawn map (of course it looked old).

They didn't have a lot of water and I'm sure it was hot, but come on...it's not like 11 miles on a fairly level, mostly groomed trail is a "survival" situation.

I wonder why they never have fat red necks with no shirts on Survivor? I think it's discrimination against NASCAR fans... :rolleyes:

(I'm from GA...I can say that!)

But I'd watch your show. I was excited for Survivor's first season because I thought that's what it would be. The British show it's based on is supposedly like that - send some guys to a wilderness location and they live there for a year with what they can make...no voting, immunity challenges, or backstabbing.

2005-10-26, 09:01
There was 2 or 3 good ones in Canada, which of course nobody watched. One was a York Boat from Winnipeg to York Factory. One was an old couple and a young couple on a year of pretty authentic pioneering on the Northern prarie. The other was some sort of Klondike gold rush hike. The first two were well done. I think the third one was a different producer and it was over dramatized a bit. The York Boat one had a mutiny against the producer at one point which seemed pretty real and quite funny.

There might have been one in Newfoundland also, but I didn't watch that one. Just lot's of women fighting over men and stuff. They did a documentary film around the same time and I couldn't keep it straight which was the reality TV and which was the documentary film. Way too confusing. If they had put the entire village out on the ice for a couple of nights in winter it might have gotten interesting, but's it's very difficult to recreate that sort of thing.

2005-10-26, 10:53
JAK - I've watched all three of those shows. I loved all of them. I like the way they were done. That woman that was on the Klondike show was the funniest. I didnt think she would last a day but she held up pretty good.

I watched a little bit of the first episode of Survivor, but when I realized that it was all about group dynamics and politics and not actually surviving, I sign off for good. I could tell that they were given food and potable water every day so whats the use? I always pictured myself getting voted off and instead of leaving hiding out in the woods and actually surviving out there. Of course midnight raids on the other camps would be part of my survival strategy. :biggrin:

The one where they were in Africa, the camps were only like 500 meters apart and the logistics camp for the camera crews were right in the middle of the two. How hard can that get? I'm sure that the one with the hike in the jungle they were given water off camera. Not like they can let them die on camera no matter how much we wanted it to happen. LOL.

Any other ideas for my show???

2005-10-26, 12:59
In survivor, they now get heated aluminum trailers to sleep in... yup, a bunch of regular Robinson Crusoes they are!

What might be cool would be to have a sort of "survivorman" like show. Send people down the trail, and give them a small digital camcorder. Make them record themselvs as a video diary. Require, say, 6 recordings per day. Make them record everytime their gear list changes (worn out, too heavy, need more, whatever)... basically, record every significant event that happens along the trail. In their maildrops there is a recorder for them to "dump" their cameras contents into.

Send, say, 10 cameras down the trail.... 3-4 months later, collect them all, edit them for content.... I bet you could put together a decent show. By my basic math, youd end up with roughly 45-60 hours of film per person. Times 10 people, thats 450-600 hours of film to go through. 20-25 full 24 hour days worth of unedited film.... Think you could peice together a seasons worth of 1 hour shows with that?

2005-10-26, 13:19
And the cool thing is that you already have plenty of seasons to do.
Season 1 - PCT
Season 2 - AT
Season 3 - CDT
Season 4 - ADT
Season 5 - Florida trail

SGT Rock
2005-10-26, 14:54
I hated Survivor because it was a weenie version of camping. Do you realize they only spend a few weeks on the island? I would have asked to get voted off the group, then when they got me ready to leave, I would have asked to spend the rest of the month on the back side of the island somewhere having fun.

2005-10-26, 17:14
Hows this for a title for my show?

SGT Rock's Mild Kingdom

Or how about...

Swinging with SGT Rock (alluding to hammock camping)

SGT Rock
2005-10-26, 19:44
How about Stop Snivleing with SGT Rock.

Just Jeff
2005-10-26, 22:43
Aluminum trailers? That's crazy.

I'm not sure they got water - some of them were so dehydrated they were puking, laying on the ground and moaning, etc. Either way, it's only one hike.

I think your show needs some Blair Witch-type camera action so we can see the snot dripping. Maybe have the audience vote for things during the season (not during the filming)...most extreme something, best innovation, farthest snot rocket, etc. And the guys who win the votes get some prize money.

2005-10-27, 00:05
I'm thinking no money involved. Outdoor equipment suplied by the sponsors of the show should be a great incentive. Some really nice vacations to Nepal or Africa would be some nice prizes too.

2005-10-27, 00:23
So, are you serious about this or just brain storming for kicks?

Cuz, if your serious, it might be a good idea to delete this thread, move this to a non-public subforum, and start some serious planning....

In my opinion, this has some serious potential... even if it never gets picked up by any netowrk anywhere, it could possibly pick up one HELL of a cult following among thru-hikers. Serious cult following.

2005-10-27, 00:39
I'm serious. I'm also not thinking about making any money off of the idea. I think that all of us together can generate the idea, contacts, and motivation to make this happen. I dont know how to get this off the ground or who to talk to about it.

Anyone know anyone who knows anyone???

2005-10-27, 01:22
Anyone know anyone who knows anyone???

I know people, who know people, who know people, but unfortunately they aren't anybody.
Anyway, have your people call my people.

2005-10-27, 01:36
Even without "making money" it might not be a bad idea to come up with some way to protect the idea...

There will also need to be some sort of funds raised for SOME way to record the video, as well as to provide that comped gear. Sponsorships are great, but I doubt they will carry an otherwise unsupported project.

2005-10-27, 02:56
So, uhh, since I got nothing but time, some project managment software, and a webserver with WAY too much free space, I set up a project managment directory.

your free to use it if you want, if not, no biggie.... just a neat (if not all that elegant) piece of software to handle projects, and like I said, I got nothin' but time for a while.

the URL is currently http://www.oliveleafstudios.com/movies

user name to access is currently "guest" pass is currently "guest"

Im not 100% up to speed with this software yet, not sure if you can create your own user identities, but if anyone wants to try and play with this software, even if just for giggles, let me know and Ill make a user identity for you.

2005-10-27, 10:25
i'm looking forward to ted nugent's new show... starts in november... he's always funny...

jt, you'll have some pm coming...

2005-10-27, 17:56
Whats the new show going to be about? I think I saw an old show about him on his homestead but dont remember much about it.

2005-10-27, 18:04
Forget that project software, it sucks. Ive spent 6 hours playing with it and cant even figure out how to create tasks, let alone assign them or keep track of them.

But since the URL is up, feel free to check out my wifes website (just remove the /movies from the URL) Shes a mixed media artist and writes articles on creativity.

Edit - Oh, I should also say that Im still adding content to it after a major database crash... so theres not much to see, but the stuff thats there isnt bad.

2005-10-28, 11:09
ted's show is something about taking city folks and making them live out in the country, killing there own food, etc... his usual shtick... i like what he does with young people too (archery camps for inner city kids). if you can put side his sex addiction, he's not a bad guy... i can think of worse role models... at least he's not inconsistent with his philosophy of life... "you start here, you die over here (motioining with his hands). in between, you have to pack in as much living as you can." that's why he's always going like heck... sex, hunting, camping, rock and roll... it's all one big adrenalin rush to him...

still not the kind of guy i'd want my daughter to date though...

2005-10-28, 11:59
I saw a comercial for it last night. Its called "WANTED: Ted or Alive". Takes a bunch of city folk and they have to hunt, clean, and cook thier own food. That alone should be worth watching for.

2005-10-28, 14:31
yeah... that's it... ted or alive... couldn't remember the name...

2005-10-28, 15:40
Heres a name for the series....

"Trail Daze"

bird dog
2005-11-02, 19:24
Heres a name for the series....

"Trail Daze"

Ooooh...Thats good

2006-08-28, 20:25
I never watched a minute of Survivor, other than the stupid promos! In Providence, there is a talk show with Helen Glover as the host. She was on the 2nd series, I think? She was voted off the show. She has 19 YEARS experience teaching survival techniques to Navy and Marine personnel! She is always cracking up her listeners with her description of the current show's contestants and their dumb moves. Tell me the show is not biased toward the yuppies. :rolleyes:

Just Jeff
2006-08-28, 23:08
Tell me the show is not biased toward the yuppies. :rolleyes:

The show is not biased toward yuppies. It's biased toward MTV generation reality show junkies.

Thin air
2006-08-29, 10:26
As someone mentioned:

>>>>>>>>>>>What might be cool would be to have a sort of "survivorman" like show. Send people down the trail, and give them a small digital camcorder. Make them record themselvs as a video diary. Require, say, 6 recordings per day. Make them record everytime their gear list changes (worn out, too heavy, need more, whatever)... basically, record every significant event that happens along the trail. In their maildrops there is a recorder for them to "dump" their cameras contents into.>>>>>>>>>>>

No one saying you can't do this yourself and try and sell it to a network.
Maybe 3-4 people, or even just 2, heading over a distance. The AT might be good since it is within the geo realm of the big audiences and they can relate to something
But you must have goals and some competition. People like that.
Say designated points to reach, maybe a day apart. rewards for the participants - food, clothes, fuel, etc. Maybe like on Amazing Race with the subsequent start 12 hrs later per person.
Would only need several dig cams and batteries and SD cards, tripods.
Required recordings at designated times.
Some of the posters here might want to get together. 2-*people (maybe teams), plus some sort of team to meet the hikers at the designated spots and disperse rewards, or even have them hidden beforehand at those spots.
You know people have become famous, rich, entered the entertainment word on a lot less. Mark Burnett started with the Eco-challenge.
At the very least all those involved would have an interesting time and a recorded memory.

2007-10-25, 03:38
I was thinking, for a long time, about going through old ledgend books and going to track them down in the wilderness. Show the research you do in the library and on the net and then the loadout and the hide in and out and the searching.

I was going to start by folowing the exact route that the Press expedition took when they were the first ones to traverse the interior of what is now the Olympic National Park in Washington. In thier logs they said that they had cached quite a bit of stuff up on some of the mountains during the later part of thier trip. It took them 6 months to hike it starting out in December of the worst winter in recorded history there. Now the trail takes about 40 hours. Some people have ran the whole thing in a day. The trails dont go anywhere near the mountian where they supposedly cached thier stuff. Would be nice to take a metal detector back there and check out thier likely camping spots.

There are tons of other legends out there too. There is a bomber that crashed near and abandoned silver mine up in the Olympics too. Would make another nice episode.

What do you think?

SGT Rock
2007-10-25, 09:55
Ouch - I don't know about winter camping up north. I'm a cold weather wussy.

2007-10-25, 12:47
I watch survivorman and I watched Survivor until they voted Rudy off, I was hoping Rudy would hack some of those losers up with a Kabar. That Trail Daze thing would have a lot of potential, it would be a niche market, but that is what cable is for and I don't think it would cost a lot to produce.

2007-10-26, 03:10
Iceman - will you be my sherpa for the first episode?

Who has decent video gear?

Plan on going 3 years from now. In a warmer part of the year for Rock.

2007-10-27, 00:15
And the cool thing is that you already have plenty of seasons to do.
Season 1 - PCT
Season 2 - AT
Season 3 - CDT
Season 4 - ADT
Season 5 - Florida trail

Hey! Don't cancel before Season 6 - NCT!!

2007-10-27, 09:50
Iceman - will you be my sherpa for the first episode?

Looks like I better find some other place to hang my clothes than the treadmill....:afraid:

2007-10-27, 14:14
All I'm talking about is about a one or two day hike up the Elwah to set up a base camp near Goblin Gates and then some day hikes from there to check out the areas where the caches might be. Would be a blast.

2007-10-28, 01:10
Looks like I better find some other place to hang my clothes than the treadmill....:afraid:
If you need a new place to hang your clothes I can recommend the Joe Weider weight lifting machines (available at Sears). I can fit almost an entire closet worth of clothes on it.

2007-10-28, 20:31
Survivorman is my Hero!:adore: Did anyone see the show where He got "valuable food energy" from a grasshopper? Holly Mackerel ! I would need about 100 grasshoppers. Once he lasted the whole week on two grasshoppers, one little gecko, one chick pea and some belly button lint. He talked about how he hated to kill anything but when it comes to survival, the lizard had to go. He did make a lot of noise eating the chick pea, but that's because it was so tasty. He smacked on it for 20 seconds. Must have been real fresh and juicy. He very much puts out a better show than I could, I give Him that and I like to watch to watch the show. SS :captain:

2007-10-28, 21:07
I heard that he eats for a week all he can then lives off body fat:beer:

2007-10-29, 08:43
I heard that he eats for a week all he can then lives off body fat:beer:

Yeah, thats why I am carrying more than one hundred pounds extra, you never know when it may come in handy.... :bawling:

2007-10-29, 09:30
Hay Ice, I'd bet you could make a better show ,,, and gain weight for your trouble. I know I wouldn't hear you lament about having to kill a 3 inch lizard for "food energy" and whine about all the dangers that surround you. Some how I can't picture you waking up in the middle of the night, worried about some noises. What ever made the noise should be afraid for waking you up!!!! SS :captain:

2007-10-29, 11:43
I've personally seen Iceman eat a whole roasted Elk in one sitting. He washed it down with an entire keg of beer. I think it was Labats.

One other reason for taking Iceman on the trip would be to scare away all the Sasquatches.

2007-10-29, 16:22
I got to meet survivorman a.k.a. Les Stroud in Toronto 2 winters ago.
I was waiting in line to get into an outdoor gear exhibition and I bumped
into him carrying his guitar and sound equipment. I apologized, looked up
and then recognized who it was. My wife had a minor freak out and embarassed me:biggrin:

He did a stage appearance at the show and talked about the show and
played some music. Then did a question and answer session about the
show, his band, and his off the grid house he was building at the time.

He did a trivia contest on stage, and I won his DVD box set and he gave
me a polar fleece vest and salomon toque from his explore magazine sponsor.

Pretty cool guy. I love all the Canadian survival episodes because 3 of them
are in areas I hike and paddle in and am very familiar with.

Got to talk about gear choices and he likes the heavy-duty stuff because
of all the bushwacking. His sponsors pretty much tell him what he is going to wear and carry.
I guess when you are getting free clothes from some top outdoor brands... its not worth complaining about.

Its funny also that Les silently haunts quite a few major hiking and paddling forums.

2007-10-29, 20:40
Yeah, thats why I am carrying more than one hundred pounds extra, you never know when it may come in handy.... :bawling:
tell me the last time you saw a 120lb guy knock down a security door, thats all I'm gonna say. sometimes it's nice to have size on your side. Other times though square peg round hole aint gonna fit.:aetsch: :beer:

2007-10-31, 00:47
Eating lizards don't sound all that bad. I have tried some bugs, not too bad roasted at the fire, must have beer to go with though...

Jimtanker, maybe you have discovered your next calling in life, ...finding the lost treasures.....sort of like Geraldo on steroids with a machine gun! I promise I would watch every episode! If you cant find what you are looking for, you could just shoot something. We just need to come up with a good screen name for you...for the show..... Hmmmmmmm.....

2007-10-31, 01:30
I got it... I got it .....Les Grills, LOL!