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2005-10-26, 12:54
I have always heard about trail magic in relation to the AT, but perhaps it can still happen on the small lesser known trails? Back in the spring I was finishing a weekend forty mile section of the STT :turtle: (the longest trail in Ky) and was thinking about what I was going to devour when I hit town. :eating: I was tired and weary and my joints screamed that it was nearing time to go home but silently I treaded on. Hiking for me often leads to a time of peaceful introspection and on this particular occasion I was thinking about my days in boy-scouts when my troop would spend two weeks at summer camp every year. Back then the coolest thing to do after going to all of the daily camp activities was to hit the snack shack, which was fully stocked with a slushie-machine, snickers, funions, and all of those other high-powered sugary things that hyperactive teenagers really don’t need. On the trail I kept thinking about those days when it was easy to be careless and free and wont for nothing; to hit that greasy McDonalds after a long weekend trip with the troop was somehow like finding the Mecca of all restaurants. For miles the thought kept running through my mind “Jesus what I wouldn’t give for a BIG-A** slushie to take me back to the glory days.” Upon reaching the trailhead I decided that I had plenty of time to walk down the road while waiting for my ride. After about two miles I came upon an old dilapidated general store; its facade covered with the kinds of decor you can find in those god awful Crackerbarrel stores. Finding these “mom and pop’s” nestled away in the middle of nowhere is not uncommon in the eastern hills of Kentucky. Hell, I think my buddy’s grandparents still own one. Curious to see what things I might find I stepped inside. Almost akin to running into Yahweh, Buddha, or the Virgin Mary herself it seemed I had either stumbled into divine providence or was perhaps given a little bit of that much sought after trail magic. There before my eyes was a slushie machine; a long lost and almost forgotten relic from convenient stores of the late 1980’s. It didn’t take very long before I had succumbed to a sugary, slothful bliss. What happened to be a little bit of luck turned into the perfect ending for a perfect trip. True, I will confess nowadays that I would probably relish finding a pub :beerglass more than a slushie machine, but I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth as the old saying goes. For me it was almost like scout camp all over again.

Last month I met a guy who told me a couple of cool stories about some of the trail magic that he encountered while thru-hiking the AT. He claimed that he found a six pack of beer that someone had left at the trail head. (sorry sod was probably coming back to get it). After my slushie incident I can’t say it surprises me much and was hoping that some of you guys might have some cool stories to tell.

SGT Rock
2005-10-26, 14:48
Got a ride from a guy that delivers developed film in Alabama when I finished the Pinhoti.

bird dog
2005-11-10, 20:14
Got some water, trail mix and a soup packet at a shelter with a note left by an "Angel". The soup was great, but I think the squirells got more of the trail mix than I did! BD :damnmate:

2005-11-11, 00:38
Met an amazing woman on the trail. (posted earlier this year)

"Trail Magic" - what a great term... and truly, it was for me.

Still suffer from wild illusions of persuing, though the odds of
logistics and romanticism ever working out are a great deal
steeper than winning the lottery.
Still... nothing wrong with being wistful..
If I ever start hiking B.C. trails in some fools hope of meeting
her again. I'll rationalize that I always wanted to hike those trail anyway;)