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2005-10-27, 14:02
Now if you took all the camping gear that you own and have to leave it at home cause to heavy. Make it all lite weight would the backpack be six feet tall????? this is what you get when old i mean small pack like day pack just a little biger like if ever things was all made small and lite weight :bawling:

2005-11-14, 15:47
Wut??? :confused: :confused: :confused:

2005-11-14, 21:13

2005-11-14, 21:49
Sure'nt ya talkin aboot mate, eh.?

Twern figgerin that dialect ageen eh.

:hmmmm: :hmmmm:

bird dog
2005-11-14, 23:02
OK, now yall....Watcha need'n do is slow waaay down so us common folks (me n Seeker) can figure out whatchyall sayin. Down south, we talk a little slower with a lil drawl....Ima fixin to leave now...Yall come back, ya hear? BD

2005-11-14, 23:03
Sure'nt ya talkin aboot mate, eh.?

Twern figgerin that dialect ageen eh.

:hmmmm: :hmmmm:

Turk, you're killing me! :biggrin:

2005-11-15, 10:43
where i grew up a a kid, we used to accept canadian money at par in our vending machines and toll booths... canadian was almost a second language... but even i had to laugh at that... good one Turk, that's funny...

now, when i go home, they make fun of my "southern" accent... an id ain't e'en that bad... jest 'lazy-like'... idn't and wudn't and sechlike...

my wife is an english major and originally from new jersey. she hates the misuse of the language down here, and when we lived in TN. my youngest daughter is 'bi-lingual'... when she wants to get to mom, she breaks into 'southern'... drives her nuts... funny as hell too...

(what the heck does any of this have to do with hiking?)

2005-11-15, 22:16
Ok i just figure it out my brain is faster then fingers or my fingers slower then :confused: my brain ????

2005-11-15, 23:16
Then slow down and try to communicate.