View Full Version : Can you identify this one??

2005-10-28, 16:53
Hint. It is a tree but not a timber species. Produces edible fruit

2005-10-30, 00:37
that is an amost creepy looking flower lol....

2005-10-30, 01:44
I had to cheat. I knew I'd seen these years ago when I was in Virginia, but I couldn't remember what they were.
Kept bothering me.
Finally I found a Virginia forestry site (below) and rummaged around untill I found it.


goto "Tree Identification" - on left side of page and then pick Pawpaw on the new page that comes up.

-If I just gave you a link to the Pawpaw page it wouldn't work (tried it).

2005-10-31, 11:12
Right! Paw Paw!!! :adore:
It is an odd flower I think.

2005-10-31, 11:12
dang... and i just ate some of them a couple weeks ago... hadn't ever seen them flower, but a friend gave me some she'd picked, along with a jar of jelly... kinda sour, but still pretty good... not quite as tart as a current...

2005-11-01, 05:19
Not sure but I think I first saw the tree/flowers at Monticello (Jefferson's house).
Just read an article on the tree and it's fruit used to be a staple for people on and near the eastern seaboard.
Indians had cultivated the tree up and down the coast and quite a ways inland.
Due to this it used to be a very common tree. However many were destroyed due to building/etc. and not replaced by new plantings.
The fruit (with variations depending on the species of Pawpaw - 40 different) is supposed to be very good to eat, discribed as tasting like a banana/pineapple mix.
I wonder why it fell out of favor.
Because of the ugly flower? Sad.

bird dog
2005-11-02, 19:54
I have lived on the eastcoast most of my entire life and have NEVER seen one of those. Interesting.