View Full Version : Identify the 2 medicinal plants in this pic??

2005-10-28, 17:03
Both are dug for profit also

2005-10-29, 18:18
ginsing for sure... the other might be sassafrass? haven't looked in my book yet...

Hog On Ice
2005-10-29, 20:07
my guess is that the other one is one of the monkshood species (Aconitum)

2005-10-30, 00:34
lol...no fair! I haven't gotten to Barnes & Noble yet for my plant books!

Nice clear picture btw - what are you using for a camera? I dearly love my Minolta but its lousy at closeups - even with a macro lens

2005-10-31, 11:10
Hi y'all. I remembered I'd posted these and I felt bad leaving without at least telling you what they were.

The plant with 5 leaflets is Ginseng. Panax Quinquefolia(sp? The Quin referrring to the 5 leaflets) The plant to the left with a somewhat Maple Leaf shape to it(just one leaf in the picure) is Goldenseal Hydrastatis Canadensis(sp?) I could be wrong, because I am not the botanist my wife is, but the plant about 12 o clock is Jack in the Pulpit if I am not mistaken.