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2005-11-13, 23:03
Mountain lion tried to attack a 12 year old kid in the woods close to here the other day. Unfortunately for the lion, he hadn't kept up on the reasons why a 12 year old would be alone in the woods at this time of year and because of this ended up with 2 bullets in the chest.
Beware the orange clad children.

SGT Rock
2005-11-13, 23:53
The orange ones have sharp thorns LOL.

2005-11-14, 11:29
wonder how the anti-gun/anti-hunting lobby will spin this one...

Jim Henderson
2005-11-14, 13:38
They will say the child had no business in the woods alone and certainly should never have a gun, not even if he was over 21 and had served in the military.

The gun is an evil object and had it in for the lion who was only trying to protect his territory which mankind was intruding.

I love when tree huggers get eaten in the woods, like that bear clown in Alaska. This should be looked on as a good thing by both the PETA crowd and Hunters. The PETA guys should be delighted that nature is working as it should and the hunters should be delighted to thin the herd.

I am delighted this kid knew what to do and was prepqared to do so. Lord help any critter who trys something with my 12yo, he is a poster child for the antigun lobby. He has already claimed the majority of my collection and I ain't even sick yet.

I am not PC so ignore my babbling.

Jim Henderson

2005-11-14, 16:20
nah... no ignoring needed... that's one of the things i love about this site... you can be a conservative, gun-toting, fire-building, god-worshipping white male and not worry about offending anyone, of any race, creed, or sex... unless you're 'way' out there... but most folks here are very tolerant...

wonder what the lion was thinking as he made his final 'leap'... probably that same, sudden realization a redneck gets after he says 'hey ya'll! watch this!'

bird dog
2005-11-14, 22:49
'hey ya'll! watch this!'

Famous Last Words. I said that when I was a kid right before I shot my brother with a pellet gun "by accident"! BD