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2005-11-16, 03:47
November 5th, my tent floated up and moved six inches to the South. OK, so it didn't actually move, but it was definitely floating in the middle of my floor and to one edge....until the leak started.... :bawling:

On day two of my 8 day elk hunt, it rained and sleeted (?) so hard, for so long, that the elevated area where I set my tent slowly disappeared into the abyss of this Pacific Northwest forest floor/swamp. They don't call this the Rain Forest for being dry... Repeat days of rain, snow, slush and fog did not help. Previously firm footings reverted back to primordial ooze. Sort of like a really slow vertical Tsunami with the "runs", of sorts....did I say wet? Wet.

Anyway, here is the deal; The Tent floor leaks. Not real bad, but bad enough to screw up the next six days of hunting. Here is the patient tent... http://www.campmor.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?memberId=12500226&productId=21420620

Nice huh, this is no hiking tent, I am sure you all figured that one out...

I had a lot of time to think about the need to fix this tent floor right, but I need your advice... I recall the post about mixing the silicone rubber, with the mineral spirits. But I am interested in maybe beefing up this floor to give me a bit more insurance against leaking again. (Maybe I shouldn't hunt in this crap anymore...) I was thinking of maybe laminating an additional layer of something to the floor to give it a bit more oompf'!? The problem here is, I walk all over this floor with boots, many times in and out over the week. Normal set up includes a check the area for sharpies...lay a poly footprint down for abrasion resistance, even have a small piece canvas I lay on the inside floor of my tent, to cut down on floor abuse....but still the leak after three years of my abuse...

Over some whiskey, we discussed possibly having a roofer electro-weld up some EPDM roofing material into an interior "pan" which I can place into the tent, forget the floor condition, this baby wouldn't leak now...

Of interest, I saved the week by tossing down a NeatSheet microfiber cloth over the whole floor after the water subsided, and viola'- a dry surface to walk on... (much more carefully). And no, I didn't get my elk, got 70 feet to a 5x6, him just over the ridge could see antlers only, (I should have shot the antler and knocked him down...) Elk escaped, me to have many bad dreams...I am feeling a bit verklempft'... :bawling:

Anyone with any good ideas for this type of repair?

2005-11-16, 11:27
short answer is no, i don't have any good ideas on the floor itself. however, if you're carrying something that heavy already, i'm assuming you're bringing it in by truck or ATV... any chance you could bring in a couple sheets of plywood and some 2x4s? sort of a tent platform/footprint made of plywood, pre-cut for easier assembly on site... if it's a place you go to often, a semi-permanant floor platform, on piles, might work. actually, at that point, you might was well make a little cabin... i have no experience in the NW forests though, so i may be way off base.

2005-11-17, 02:37
If you mix heavy on the silicone with the mineral spirits it's going to be like you rubberized the floor.
Haven't expermented much yet, but I did paint a few scraps of cloth. Don't know how it will wear, but I left a fairly heavy layer of silicone covering the ouside of some of them. -Too heavy for my purpose, but might work for you.

I'm planning to experiment with some cheap waterbase bathroom caulk next. Going to thin it with water and see how it works for waterproofing cloth.
Trying for a inexpensive waterproof cotton ground tarp. Want something fairly light weight yet still somewhat durable and not slick.
If it doesn't work - oh well - nothing tried, nothing gained.

2005-11-17, 10:50
Seeker, the tent is used for backcountry, 4x4 vehicle access camp/hunt...+18lb+ tent, not fun to pack. I sort of cringe over the ply/deck idea, but this year, it would have helped...very wet...

Dropkick, I think I will try the silicone treatment job this summer after our mold and mildew season is over... I am thinking that I should keep this floor member from stretching when I walk on it repeatedly, probably not designed for this heavy of use. I keep thinking of a good ol' wall tent/no floor...(Maybe JimTankers' New Tent is the way to go...) but it has sure been nice in this tent, a single mantle lanten warms it up nice and no wind blowing thru at floor level as with a wall tent, plus- no mice in your gear...


JimTanker, where can I order your tent from? :biggrin: