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2005-11-17, 21:06
After making and using several types of burners, I have ultimately chosen an Open Flame type. The open flame type seems to be very versitle.

The most recent one that I have created burns both liquid and solid fuels.

Isopropyl 91%, Isopropyl 70%, Methyl, “Sterno” wick fuel for chaffing applications, lighter fluid “Zippo” type(Naptha),HEET gas additive, Methanol, Aviation fuel, Model airplane fuel, 100% parafin oil for oil lamps, Purell hand sanitiser, Gelled alcohol (chaffing) , Esbit tabs, Trioxane, Hexamine, etc.

BURNER consists of a cast aluminum wick holder and fiberglass wick. The wick is completely encased in a seemless nickle alloy mesh that gets red hot when fuel is burning and aids in the cumbustion process and adds to fuel efficiency. It weighs 38 grams.

The windbreak/pot stand is made of .005 tempered aluminum that has been anodized and corrugated. The corrugations really make a big difference in it’s strength. The 2 piece cross grid is 1/16 anodized aluminum. Total weight of the 3 pieces is 26 grams.

Total weight of stove is 64 grams. = 2.25 ounces

That equals light weight and compact. It fits nicely into my stainless steel mug that has has a twist lock top that holds everything nicely inside of it.(SEE PICTURE)

The stove will heat 2 cups of 46 degree water, at 46 degree air temp, in 5 min. with 25 ml of HEET gas additive.

Last night I boiled 2 cups of 32 degree water, at 30 degree air temp in 9 ˝ min. using 91% Isopropyl alcohol. I used the simmer ring to reduce flame size and amount of soot. 91% burns aggressively at that temp. and ignites easily. 70% ignites slowly and only produces a 4 inch flame and kind of weak looking. 91% Iso produces a yellow/orange flame just like that of a candle. So its great for producing light. (See the picture below.)

25 ml of fuel will be completely absorbed by the wick. If the burner is accidently knocked over no liquid will spill out to ignite.

Tomorrow I’ll post more boiling specifications and anything else that I may have forgotten.

Hey Sarge, I’d like to send a stove to you for your evaluation, may I do so?






2005-11-17, 21:46
I assume it burns de-natured as well?
Are the two alum rings your simmer rings?
Why two fuel containers?
And finally, does the windscreen store flat?
I like the feature that the flame doesn't appear to be tall enough to be a great threat to my tent fly.

2005-11-17, 22:02
Yes, it burns denatured also.

Yes, the two rings are for simmering. One of them is for the 91% to knock the flame down to get a 6 min. boil with the least amoun of soot.

The smaller of the two bottles is liquid dish soap for the bottom of the pot before the soot gets to it for ease of removal.

The windscreen curls around the inside of the mug. Because it's tempered it springs back quite nicely.

The photos show ISO 91% with and without a simmer ring. Other fuels will have smaller flames. The flames really flikker nice, like a campfire.

2005-11-17, 22:18
Are they for sale yet i like to try it in my kelly kettle put in where the wood goes i all ready doing it now with a jiffy heat alcohol stove 1 oz last 8 min. but i can boil hot water at 120.F 20oz. of water in 4 min.on 3/4 oz. fuel

2005-11-18, 12:48
Sorry, not for sale yet, if there is enough interest I'll make some available. I'll post some interesting boil times on different fuels late this evening after I get home from work. I'm at the library now maKIN THIS REPLY. Just a note: Sterno chaffing fuel burns as hot or hotter than HEET.

2005-11-18, 13:09
wow, incognito, that's really interesting.

for the solid fuels, do you simply set them on top of the wick and light them?

I, too, would be interested in one if you decide to mass produce these...

2005-11-18, 19:06
Yes, the solid fuels get put on top of the wick. I put a small piece of aluminum foil on it first. Some of the solid fuels leave an undesirable residue.

Lanthar, goood to see that you are part of the scouting program, you have an important responsibility to the youth of our nation, they are our future, teach them all you can. Teach them a safe way to cook with open flame technology.

Will try to post some specs latter or maybe tomorrow.

2005-11-19, 21:27
Here are some boil times using the” MEGAWICK” stove. I gave it a name today, does it fit the description of the wick?

The heating of the water was done in one of the two pots shown in one of the above photos.

The smaller pot was used for 2 c. of water. It holds 3 c. and is 5 ˝ inches in diameter.

The larger pot was used for 3 c. and 4 c.. It hold 8 c. and is also 5 ˝ inches in dia..

The temperature of water, and fuel were the same degree because of air temperature outdoors. Test were done in my unheated garage.

Ok, here’s the time it takes to bring water to a boil for different fuels:

ISOPROPYL 70 : 2 c. water at 35 ° - 10 min. mini-boil - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 70 : 2 c. at 36 ° - 11 min. boil maintained for 2 min. - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 70 : 2 c. at 40 ° - 9 min. boil maintained for 4 ˝ min. - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 70 : 2 c. at 46 °- 11 ˝ min. boil maintained for 5 min. - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 70 : 2 c. at 50 ° - 6 ˝ min boil maintained for 8 min. - 1 oz. Fuel

ISOPROPYL 91 : 2 c. at 35 ° - 5 ˝ min boil maintained for 2 min. - 1 oz. Fuel
ISOPROPYL 91 : 2 c. at 50 ° - 4 ˝ min. boil - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 91 : 2 c. at 55 ° - 5 min. boil - 1oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 91 : 2 c. at 55 ° using simmer ring - 12 ˝ min. boil - burned for 30 min. 1 oz. Fuel
ISOPROPYL 91 : 3 c. at 50 ° - 5 ˝ min. boil maintained for 4 ˝ min - 1 oz. fuel
ISOPROPYL 91 : 4 c. at 50 ° - 8 min boil maintained for 3 min. - 1 oz. Fuel

HEET :-------------2 c. at 35 ° - 6 ˝ min. boil - 3/4 oz. Fuel
HEET: -------------2 c. at 35 ° - 6 min. boil - 1 oz. Fuel
HEET: -------------2 c. at 50 ° 5 ˝ min boil maintained for 4 min. - 35 ml. Fuel
HEET: -------------3 c. at 50 ° - 6 3/4 min. boil maintained for 2 ˝ min. - 35 ml. Fuel

CHAFFING fuel 2 c. at 50 ° - 4 1/4 min. boil maintained for 8 min - 1 oz. Fuel
CHAFFING fuel 3 c. at 50 ° 7 ˝ min boil maintained for 6 min. - 1 oz. Fuel

DENATURED ALK 2 C. at 50 degrees - 5 min boil maintained for 5 min. - 1 oz. fuel
DENATURED ALK 3 C. at 50 degrees - 6 1/2 min. boil maintained for 2 min. 1 oz. fuel

Because of expressed interest, I’ll be assembling some stoves to be put on E-bay next week. :)
Have not determined a selling price yet. :confused:

2005-11-20, 01:47
Ok can your stove do this boil two things at once.I put a jiffy heat alcohol burner in place of where wood would go.Now the kelly kettle is the Small one 20 oz.The stove had 1-1/2oz fuel burn time 7 1/2 min. made bracket for pan on top. With17 oz. water in both. Kettle temp.145F pan temp186F.Now you can kill two birds with one stone plus if you run out of alcohol there is wood and trigs :rolleyes:[p.s.] I tried the trangia burner not as good needs some more air hols in the bottom fire pot

2005-11-20, 16:19
For sure the K Kettle is awsome. Easy to get fuel for it, twigs are everywhere. I almost bought one. Because I'm a tinkerer, I'm always makin my own stuff.

Try this: At your neighborhood hardware store get a fiberglass repair kit. Remove the piece of fiberglass cloth and roll it up to fit in your Trangia. Have the cloth stick out 1 inch above the Trangias upper rim. Pour in 1 oz. of alcohol, put a match to it, enjoy!!! You should be able to get a 5 min. boil no problem. Let us know if you try it.

I like stuff that has multiple uses, just as yours serves dual purpose, my stove cooks and gives off light. When ISO is used with a simmer ring I carry it in my hand to use it as a torch. It stays cool to the touch.

2005-11-20, 16:53
Are you saying do this on the trangia only or my jiffy heat.It as i see it will not make a longer burn time dont forget the stove is runing wide open so it well burn less time on fuel not like if the pot was real close to burner. Also will the outside holes lite up also

2005-11-20, 18:03
oooPs, try it on both. The idea is to expose the fiberglass surface to get your fuel to put out the BTU's.

I shoud'nt have said 5min. You're right about the pot being further away from the burner.

Put in only enough fuel to saturate the fiberglass, so that only the fiberglass burns and then no flames should come out of the trangias side holes.

I would use denatured alcohol to get the hottest/cleanest burn.

Incease fuel according to the results that you get.

My MEGAWICK holds 35 ml of fuel, your burners will hold more I think.

Good Luck

2005-11-20, 19:31
oooPs, try it on both. The idea is to expose the fiberglass surface to get your fuel to put out the BTU's.

I shoud'nt have said 5min. You're right about the pot being further away from the burner.

Put in only enough fuel to saturate the fiberglass, so that only the fiberglass burns and then no flames should come out of the trangias side holes.

I would use denatured alcohol to get the hottest/cleanest burn.

Incease fuel according to the results that you get.

My MEGAWICK holds 35 ml of fuel, your burners will hold more I think.

Good Luck I think thats a waste of a stove why not use a tomatoe paste can cut in half put in window screen to hold up fiberglass :bawling:

2005-11-21, 13:34
The wick in the stove is a of waste time puts out less heat plus that fiberglass cost me 7.00 now got to use it somewere else. I just stick to the jiffy heat stove its only going to be used at home i dont hike anymore.

2005-11-21, 18:12
OOOPS, I'll send you a MEGAWICK burner, you send me the piece of fiberglass cloth. I'll send you my address in an e-mail.

Lets make a deal.

Sorry It didn't work out for you.

I'll even up it one, I have some fiberglass cloth, I'll roll it up and stick it in a tomato paste can, put the fire to it, take a photo, post it, send the new found burner to you.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

2005-11-21, 22:51
Alright oops here you are!!

Your creation “The GIGAWICK”

Send me your address and I’ll put both of them in the mail.

The dark photo is the tomato paste can burning without a wick.

Both had 3/4 ounce of denatured alcohol, the GIGAWICK would certainly

heat up you Kelly Stove in a hurry. The flame on it is about 12 inches, how tall is the Kelly?

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained




2005-11-22, 22:22
incog, where did you get that fiberglass cloth from?

2005-11-22, 22:49
Lanthar---- The mesh and fiberglass came from the construction of a nuclear pwer plant. When the plant was complete, my buddy(pipefitter) got the left over materials. He shared some with me. The material was used to sheild stainless steel steam pipes. Withstands 1000 degree temps.

After handling the stuff my hands seem to glow in the dark :damnmate:

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained.

2005-11-24, 12:00
This stove is so good it can cook a turkey he. he.

2005-11-25, 17:23
oops, How'd you get that turkey to smile for you?

How many stoves do you have in your collection?

I listed a few MEGAWICK stoves on E-bay if anyone is interested

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=8729014496&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 (http://)

2005-11-25, 17:51


2005-11-26, 00:34


well i think i mite be the first one got one order try it out on my 2 for 1 kelly kettle deal :) :) :damnmate:

2005-11-26, 14:15
You sure do get a lot of good deals.

Geeez Whizzz, You've got quite a collection of stoves:

Ok incognito i just got one of your stoves off e bay .I will try and cook a turkey with it on xmas he. he.Well just guessing[ 8 or 9 optimus] [4 111] [8 primus][5 or 6 seva] [6 or 7 530 ww11 stoves][borde burner][4 army volcano] [kelly kettle] [4 jiffy heat] [5 colemen pp] [ and lots of small alcohol i know i let some out plus their is 6 or 7 more on there way .Now its is suppose to warm up next week so i just mint do a good count [ 4 or 5 trangia sets] [P. S. does this help he. he. :biggrin for got [4 turm sport]

After you get a final count on the stoves, take some pics of them and show them to us.

Thanks for buying one of mine.

2005-12-02, 23:35
Ions ago, prehistoric man used organic fibers twisted into a wick (probably jute or yucca or whatever was handy) stuck it into a clam shell filled with rendered animal fat, put fire to it and called it "good".

I've been reworking the wick idea into something that all can use to their benefit. It's a fresh idea on something old.

Here are some photos of the results of a recent tinkering session:




Yesterday I did atest burn using a burner similar to these that are shown.

air temperature, water temp. fuel temp all were at 34 degrees. 1 oz. fuel

Fuel: iso 71

Ignites with no problem what so ever.

Boils 2 cups of water in 10 min.

Using Iso 90: Boils 2 cups in 7 min.

Using denatured alchy: Boils 2 cups in 6 3/4 min. and sustains boil for 5 min.

Not bad for an ancient idea, would'nt you say?

Burner has twist locking cap to protect wick.

Has a wire pull ring to raise and lower wick to adjust amount of heat and also has a simmer ring to reduce it down to minimum burn.

Has one ounce fuel cap. I can burn anything I want in it!!!!!! It won't explode and is quiet.

Burner and windbreak potstand combo fit nicely into a clear polycarbonate (Lexan) tube that has an attached lid to prevent loss.

It's size is small and compact enough to fit into an outside pocket of my pack.

I had some mishaps with my homade pressurized soda can burner that made me lean towards an open flame burner. I'll tell the facts next week about the mishaps :biggrin:

I ultimately switched for my safety :)
Have any of you tinkered with the wick system since hearing of it?

Oops56's idea of the tomato paste can worked great.

If any of you have made one, let us know. Show a photo also.

Today I put iso 70 in one of the above burners this morning, temerature was 28 degrees, it lights with a match, no problem at all. For those of you interested in using iso, make yourself a wick type burner, start your tinker to tinkering.

Let the fun begin.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

2005-12-05, 14:23
Is that three different wicks? Or one wick pulled out to three different heights?

2005-12-06, 00:51
Incognito, is that a batterypost terminal cleaner shell in photo #1? If so, how did you seal the bottom of the unit...? Is your wick handle a paper clamp lever?

2005-12-06, 18:43
Lanthar: It is one wick pulled up at different levels by using the little dohicky sticking out of the top of it.

Iceman: Yes!!!! its a terminal cleaner and paper clamp lever. Sealed bottom with aluminum disc, and "BONDO" automotive body filler.

It was 16 degrees in my garage this morning, put some ISO 70 into one of these little guys and put a match to it, lit up no problem!!!!!

If it works with ISO it'l work with anything.

Because the wicking material is exposed to such a large amount of circulating air there is a lot of alcohol exposed to give off vapor. So we wind up with ideal conditions for ignition once a heat source is applied to it.

I'll post a photo a little later showing the three on FIRE.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Has anyone tried this method yet? (raising the wick above the container)

2005-12-06, 20:36



1 st. one shows a 12 inch scale/ruler in background so you can get an idea of the size flame. The ruler is in the 2nd and 3rd also.

Because the wick is made of fiberglass, it will last as long as you are able to hike and then some :)

Instead of having a whole bunch of little jets of flame you get one mega flame that does the same job. Look at the boil times, most of the warmer tests used only 25 ml. of fuel. I put 1 oz. just for sake expedience.

This is a whole bunch safer than other stoves that become pressurized.

Did anyone see the disclaimer that Tiny had posted for his ISO burner on his site Maxibull Design? I tried to find it again but he must have deleted it. If he had left it on I don't think he would have sold many. Some of you may have seen it, if so you know how dangerous it must be to operate.He does'nt tell you how much soot it gives off in it's initial start up either.

In his Archives there is a post he made telling of a customer that had his stove blow up and Tiny's comment was he over filled it with fuel. Tiny knows exactly what a major problem this is with this type of burner. It will contunue to happen and someone is really going to get hurt. It happend to me!!!!!!!! Thats why I switched to open flame.

I also left the screw out of the fuel filling port, and had only a small amount of fuel in the burner but a whole lot of vapor. I lit the primer ring, it lit the vapor coming out of the fuel port, it blew up, separated the top from the bottom. Did'nt get hurt, turned white as a ghost, adrenalin flowed big time :)

Following directions is for KIDS :damnmate:

When I'm in a hurry I let caution go with wind, bad, bad, bad, danger, danger, danger!!!!!! etc. etc.

We learn from our mistakes.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

2005-12-07, 08:04

Is the Megawick for sale anywhere? I did not see any for sale on ebay.

The design is small and clever -- and the flame output excellent. :adore:

I'd like to put one on my Christmas list.

2005-12-07, 20:46
Did a little tinkering with making a burner using a tea candle holder. These pictures show that adding a small wick around the inside of the container and raising it approx. ˝ inch above the rim makes a big difference in the amount flame produced. Fuel used was denatured alcohol. I used an empty candle holder as a lid to cover the wick, worked super, small, compact,microlite burner for gram counters.

The wick is made of fiberglass cloth from the automotive supply store.


2005-12-09, 16:52

I'll make some available by Saturday afternoon.

Some complete stoves and some burners only.


2005-12-15, 20:07






The first photo is a burner made out of an altoids tin, a 5 x 7 inch piece of fiberglass cloth that I wedged into the tine to prevent it from coming out. The cloth is much larger so I could put a ball of attic insulation in the middle of to make it puffed up in the middle. When I put the lid on it compresses and am able to close it no problem. When I open it it puffs back up and out about 3/4 of an inch. All I have to do is tug on it a little and it comes up to about an inch and a half . Poured one ounce of denatured alchohol on it and lit with a match. The temperature was 27 degrees F and a small breeze blowing. Poooffffff started to burn no problem and continued to burn itself out.

The two photo shows a Megawick and a Junior burning isopropyl 91 in the same temperature conditions outside. They took to the match no problem, burned until they were out of fuel. These are below freezing conditions, I have read here and there that alcohol does'nt burn in cold temperatures :confused: :confused: :confused:

What have your experiences been with pop can stoves and cold temperatures or any type of stove for that matter?

At what temperature do they start failing and what are the symptoms?

Is there a site that gives this type of info?

In next few days the temperature here in northern IL is going to be dropping into the low teens and I'll be doing some cold temp. boiling tests to see how well the alcohol does. Sofar iso 70 in not worth a toot in the lower temps.

At the local ACE hardware store they have iso 70 in one gallon containers selling at 11.59 a gallon. Denatured sells for 12.00

Your input is highly appreciated!!!!!!!!

2005-12-15, 21:33
I've used various homemade stoves in the 20's. Worst time was last April at Wood's hole shelter in Ga. 29-30 degrees and 45-55mph winds at suppertime. The stove setup I brought worked fine and I don't remember any major difference in performance from a 50 degree, moderate wind night. Keep in mind, I was cooking on the bench directly in front of the shelter, so the wind was most probably much less.

2005-12-15, 23:44
Incognito, I have used my trangia set up last year all the way down to 8degrees. Just takes longer to get the fuel going, and snow melting...plan on using a bunch more fuel. Also, my trangia performed well with the factory windguard assembly... I was able to whip up a breakfast for four on the trangia at this temp, plenty of hot drinks and my scrambled egg surprise (yummy). Probably burned three fills of fuel (heet) on the trangia to accomplish this though...

Hog On Ice
2005-12-16, 07:57
so long as you use a match to light the fuel there is no particular problem using alcohol in the cold - the key is to use something like a match where it is easy to touch the flame to the surface of the alcohol

one other item that helps is to insulate the bottom of the burner from the cold ground using a foil covered piece of CCF pad or cardboard

2005-12-16, 09:05
Hint put 2 or 3 drops of food coloring in alcohol better to see if and when you spill some sometimes it burns that color a little.

2005-12-16, 09:41
Hog on Ice, totally agree, we use a coffee stir straw to lengthen the reach of our matches, in order to keep my knuckle hair intact....

Oops 56, what a great idea! Hadn't heard of coloring my fuel before. I am definitely going to give this a try.

Just remembered another crucial topic for cold weather alcohol care-gloves . I bring rubber gloves to wear anytime I am handling alcohol or any other fuel in super cold temperatures. Fuels evaporate so fast, you can freeze the bajeezez (sp?) out of your hands if you spill fuel on them in sub zero temperatures.

2005-12-16, 10:10
bajeezez (sp?)

sounds like a lexicon thread candidate... go for it!

2005-12-23, 12:24
Made some test burns over the last few days.

Altoids round tin with raised wick (pictured above somewhere), used 1 ounce denatured alcohol, 2 cups of 32 degrees water, combination windscreen pot stand, 30 degree air temperature in garage. Got a rapid boil in 5 min. 15 sec.

Megawick: used 35 ml denatured alch., 2 cups ice(water left in pot overnight) combo wind screen pot stnd, 17 degree air temp. in garage. Melted the ice and proceeded to boil the water to a rapid boil in 9 min. 15 sec. I did this test 2 days in a row and had the same results.

You were right about having to light it with a match, I used strike anywhere long length kitchen type. With open wick design its really easy to light.

Great idea oop56 about using a dye for the alcohol, I used black for mine. I
think the color would be least appealing to anyone to make them not want to drink it.

The idea of a disposable rubber glove is a great idea also. It's one of those multi-use items.

Thank you to all that responded to my ?. Great feedback. I agree after doing some test burns, alcohol burns just fine with the right equipment and procedures.

This is the type of home made stove I have used in the past but have since changed to the open wick type. It is a multifuel, low pressure type, made of vegetable cans with a cast aluminum wick holder in the middle that replaces the need for a primer pan. The wick holder became the "Megawick"


I'll start a different thread soon to show how I cut the veggie cans to produce a rolled edge seal when the two pieces are pressed together(two can bottoms) You don't need any special heat application or lathe turning at 1200 rpms and special hand held tools to roll the edge over like that Tiny guy does over at Maxi-bull Design.

2005-12-29, 18:23







The can mfg's provide the rolled crimp for us as you can see.

Cut half the can off first to make it easier to get at the last row of groves.

Cut the last row down in the valley of the grove.

Do this with 2 cans (we want the bottoms) and then sand of the burrs or use a file.

OOps gotto depart, be back tommorrow to finish, sorry :damnmate:

2005-12-30, 23:12
4th photo from topshows an anvil type pruning shear that is having it's anvil insert being removed . We will use this as a homade crimping tool.

5th photo shows a front view of the pruner minus the insert. The upper blade will come down between the two rails that you see and crimps the can material so as to reduce the diameter of the the part that will be used as the TOP of the burner. It will be inserted into the BOTTOM of the burner and compressed to make a complete closure. The upper blade of the pruner needs to be rounded off with a mill file or grinding stone so that it will not cut through the thin can material.

7th photo shows(on the right hand side) the crimped TOP positioned in the BOTTOM part ready to be compressed. In this photo you can see the bevel on the upper portion of the TOP, that is where the beveled edge of the BOTTOM will seat itself when completly compressed together. It will form a complete seal that will not require any sealant.

3rd photo shows clearly the bevel on the upper edge where my forefinger is. I am holding the BOTTOM portion of the burner. The TOP portion of the burner will be compressed into it.

The end results are equal to a hot roll crimp of an aluminum pop can. Any time extreme heat is applied to aluminum it alters the molecular structure and causes the material to become fatigued, thus reducing it's strength.

Make all of your holes prior to cutting the can in half, lot easier to hold onto. Sand off the edges of the two pieces to be joined before crimping the TOP, etc.

It's late, I'm almost fallinf asleep at the keys :bawling:

Ask a whole bunch of questions, I'll answer asap

2005-12-31, 21:05
bajeezez (sp?)

sounds like a lexicon thread candidate... go for it!

It is a word and it's spelled bejesus.

Main Entry: be·je·sus
Variant(s): also be·jee·zus /bi-'jE-z&s, -'jA-, -z&z/
Function: interjection
Etymology: alteration of by Jesus
-- used as a mild oath; used as a noun for emphasis <scares the bejesus out of me>

2006-01-01, 18:08
It is a word and it's spelled bejesus.

Main Entry: be·je·sus
Variant(s): also be·jee·zus /bi-'jE-z&s, -'jA-, -z&z/
Function: interjection
Etymology: alteration of by Jesus
-- used as a mild oath; used as a noun for emphasis <scares the bejesus out of me>

Ok, fine. Actually my expression "bajeezez" is an expletive I use in place of "crap" or "shit", not like "chalupa"; IE: " I wouldn't go over there, i just dropped a major league chalupa in them bushes..." but in place of "mother' *&%$", I just smashed the bajeezez out of my foot!". :elefant:

I have most probably altered or varied the correct usage of the root word in this case but I like it none the less. :adore:

ba·jee·zez (ba’jee’zez) n. a swearword, used to signify the intense or extreme, as in; "I burned the bajeezez out of my hand..." , " I pounded the bajeezez out of that guy...".
Really really bad. Really bad.


2006-01-01, 20:23
Expletive = a mild oath.

Bajeezez does not exist but bejesus does.

2006-01-02, 11:10
It does now.