View Full Version : The deer are laughing at you

2005-11-18, 01:58
Few things you need to know first:
Game check station: A vehicle stop (normally a widespot in the road) staffed by Fish and Game officers and at least one Highway Patrol cop or a deputy (to chase down and/or arrest hunters who don't stop/or cause problems if their deer/elk/etc. is confiscated)
Montana requires all hunters to stop at these after/before hunting (if you pass one) and show what you have or haven't shot that day, and prove that you followed regs.

It is against the law to hunt from or near a Montana highway or road.

Went up to the woods today and while driving back I passed a game check station. Grazing about 30 feet from the stop was a herd of 12 mule deer. Standing in the middle was a beautiful 5 point buck.
Went by to fast to really tell, but I think he was sticking his toungue out at the hunters.

SGT Rock
2005-11-18, 09:09
They are smarter than you think. They all already have a MCOO of the area.

2005-11-18, 11:18
Oh yeah-In the state park down the road from me there are 10 managed hunting areas and just before hunting season starts all the deer gather in big herds just over the boundries of these areas.lol Just out of the reach of the hunters. :biggrin: