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2005-11-18, 14:07
I know absolutely nothing about the East side of the country. There, I got that off my chest!

Now, what are some good trails around NC and what are the parts of the AT that are good to hike on around there?

Thanks guy, be seeing you soon on the trail.

SGT Rock
2005-11-18, 14:16
Appalachian Trail, Mountain to Seas Trail, the Smokies, Benton McKaye Trail. Lots of other hiking in the Western side of the state.

2005-11-18, 19:16
Thanks Top. How far of a hike is it from Bragg to your house?


SGT Rock
2005-11-18, 21:14
Pretty darn far. But a few months in XVIII corps and you will be rucking like an infantryman

2005-11-18, 22:18
I like the areas around Hot Springs, NC.. You can start at Devils Fork Gap and hike back to Hot Springs or start at Max Patch Mountian and hike north to Hot Springs. The outfitters in Hot Springs will get you a ride and you can park at the police station - cost ya about $25 for the ride - do the hot springs spa when done -- nice 3-4 days... :)

SGT Rock
2005-11-18, 22:30
Hell Jim, if you want to come hiking around the Smokies or some other NC trail on this end, let me know and I can give you a shuttle. I am right across the NC boarder into Tennessee.

2005-11-19, 02:10
I'll be taking you up on your offer just as soon as I get settled into my home/job. That and whenever I get the time. You know how it goes.

Looking forward to it though.

bird dog
2005-12-15, 00:08
JT - Im between Bragg and Rock. Try Linville Gorge / Table Rock area. SF trained in them thar parts during Viet Nam. Great trail, but you almost have to be in XVIII ABN shape to try it. If your at Bragg, take a look at the AT through Mt. Rogers, VA area. The area around Grayson Highlands is a different scenery altogether.....Open area with rocky outcrops and wild ponies....Good family trip. BD

2005-12-15, 22:45
I'll have to try it. You going to offer your services as a guide?

bird dog
2005-12-16, 19:55
Absolutely. The old SF trail is not on a map, but still passable. You have to bushwack a short distance to get to the trail, but its still in good shape (several people obviosly know about it too). Its straight down and theres a tricky river crossing. One of the greatest places Ive been. (Oh yea, Im talkin about Linville Gorge). Its a wilderness area, so you probably wont see another person on the trip. Its great. As for Grayson Highlands (VA), the AT trail guide and Wingfoot's book do it justice.....But I'll tell my wife you need a guide for that one too to get out for a weekend. That one looks like something out of Montanna. Just doesnt look like it belongs in VA! Let me know when your ready, my bags always packed. BD

2006-07-01, 22:13
Sorry to be posting this so late but, if you need info about the Eastern and Southern sections of the Smokeys feel free to hit me up I know the area pretty well since I live right on the edge of it.

You ended up in a great place to hike. Tons of trails, with a lot of water sources, the Smokeys are the second most diverse forest in the world, with nice hiking temps in the summer compared to a lot of other places, I am also starting to see a lot of wild Elk that they are releasing into the area. They will walk right up to you no fear at all a lot like moose. There are atleast 80 waterfalls within 10 minutes of my house. The only bad thing I can think of is the park service is pretty strict on camping in the Bear areas. We have a pretty bad problem with black bears but I have never had any problem with them. They usually run away before you even know they are there.

Hopefully I'll be learning Pisgah and Nantahala soon because I am signed up to start training for an outdoor trip leader at my college, UNC in Asheville this year. But, if you want tell me what ypes of trails you into hiking and I can tell you some of my favorites.

2006-07-02, 09:51
While NOTHING can compare to the Cascades and Olympics I hope I can get some time soon to get up to the AT. Been pretty busy here and will probably be doing some hiking "overseas" soon anyways.

I took a nice 4 Km hike on a drop zone friday morning though. :biggrin:

2006-07-02, 20:09
Linville Gorge and Wilson Creek areas are the best in the state (as far as I'm concerned). I grew up in Hickory, about 40 mins south of there. Incidentally, the Mountains-To-Sea goes through both areas. The MTST route is particularly fun. I'm pretty familiar with those areas too, if anybody wants info...or a hiking partner : ) I'm pretty slow though (just warning).

2006-07-04, 18:39
My personal favorite hiking area is LeConte around Alum Cave and Anakeesta. You have a little but of everything on that trail with lot's of spurs and branches in the area like rainbow falls. The mountain veiws are magnificent of Peregrine Peak and Anekeesta Bluff two fo my favorite veiws in the Smokeys.