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2005-11-20, 16:07
I cant see myself doing much(read any) winter camping and wondered what is the best way to store a hammock/tarp(sinylon) over the winter months??

SGT Rock
2005-11-20, 19:20
I pull back the snakeskins and hang the hammock from my basement ceiling.

2005-11-20, 22:45
I'll pull it out of the snakeskins, roll loosely, and store in a cotton pillow case in the closet.

Just Jeff
2005-11-20, 23:34
I store mine in a military issue laundry bag - about the same as a pillow case for storage purposes.

2005-11-21, 00:07
I have an entire room dedicated to camping gear. My "armoury" is a jungle
on all four walls of bags, shelters, every piece of equipment, water bottles,
kayak, pads and clothing. It shows off all my equipment and doubles as
a computer room and occasional guest bedroom.


Most people just don't "get it". But i've been dreaming of having this
kind of a room for many years. To fellow enthusiasts, its a place to hang-out
in, and pass the winter months away.

2005-11-21, 14:34
i've got a closet and a wall in my garage like that... i try to go out every month, but if i couldn't use my stuff, i'd store it loose in a sack as has been suggested.... i do have some hooks in the garage to set up my HH and tarp on, to dry out if they need it.