View Full Version : Modular Individual Water Heater (MIWH)

2005-11-29, 22:54
Hey, anyone familiar with the progress of the Modular Individual Water Heater (MIWH)?

2005-11-29, 23:45
I like the idea of soldiers having their own pack stoves, and a kerosene stove might be the way to go.
The fuel is widely used (JP-8/jet fuel, is kerosene, is diesel) so it should be somewhat easy to get, and if you were in a combat situation you might be happier carrying a container of kerosene in your pack rather than something more volitile.
But you have to deal with the smell and a multifuel stove might work out better.
Oh well, 6 of 1 or half a dozen of the other....

One thing I don't like is the way they took an old technology, shined it up, and presented it as a new "breakthrough".
Kerosene heaters with ceramic wicks have been around for a very long time, my grandparents had one, which makes the technology at least 100 years old..

SGT Rock
2005-12-01, 08:35
Latest update: http://www.military.com/soldiertech/0,14632,Soldiertech_Stove,,00.html

2005-12-01, 10:20
I'll stick with my ION stove. I love that thing.

Rock, any word on how well the ION works with airborne operations? Since im going to be jumping again I guess Im going to be taking mine with me when I jump.

2005-12-01, 15:57
i'm not Rock, but i often carry a small plastic measuring cup (1oz) with a small scrubber sponge (cut to fit) holding my stove in place inside the cup... it goes inside my pot after that. i'm guessing you could do something similar...

SGT Rock
2005-12-01, 19:39
I've never jumped so I wouldn't know LOL. Maybe I should make a 1/2 pound heavy duty model for use by the Army that would latch to a canteen cup.

2005-12-01, 21:32
Already been thinking of that. I'm sure that the tipod will support the canteen cup. Just need to fix my wind screen to fit the cup. Wonder how much HEET it will take to heat up just the heavy steel canteen cup. Probably alot.

SGT Rock
2005-12-01, 21:41
It sure doesn't work as well. I think a Ti canteen cup would work well. I have been planning to change the Ti stand which might also work better with the cup. Basically I make the stand a little taller and wider (doesn't add but about a gram) and change where they link together. Then the stand sits upside down for what it looks like now. This way the sides pull tight around the sides of the stove body and the pot sits on the tips of the TiPod. This also lets the user leave the stove and stand together when packed if they so desire.

I found that this works more effectivly for the stove since the stand doesn't get in the flame pattern nearly as much, and is a little more stable that way.